7 Wonders Duel (#1) - Tabletop Weekly (Two Player Boardgame)


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Big thanks to Tom Hazell (two L's!) for joining me in 7 Wonders Duel. This is a fantastic little two player boardgame that fans of Civ and other 4x games will really love. :)


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pokemonix 69 



These guys take 5 minutes every turn

Tom W 

so did you made a video of that sneak religion win of the civ game? cause I would love to see that.


I freaking love 7 Wonders!!!!!




I really like how you actually explain the game I really hate it when I watch a tabletop game that I can't understand

Nunn Yah'Bixniz 

i enjoyed this video, most basic like comment ever written, but, i stand by it

Lucas Keeton 

I would love to see a game of Risk played with some of the yogboys

Sir Tire Knight 

Also its freezing hot

Sir Tire Knight 

10/10 on the video mark keep it up!


Mark! writing on the latest video because you probably check these messages more. Idea: you should make a small amount of series explaining ( in each episode) the different types of games - larp, choose your own adventure books, boardgames...etc and explaining the main basic dynamics of them...Im a noob and know nothing haha but it all looks fun and I really want to learn


I needz le more LOL


I am in love with your channel. Do you pod cast? would love to listen to you when I am in my shop making my weapon videos.

peyton dowdle 

Creative miniature painting? Don't you mean paint lickers?


Great content Mark you rock in highrollers and coincidentally I have been going crazy for board games recently so watching you play and review board games is going to be great too. Just a novel idea but maybe in your next vid you can have a fist fight with an oily octopus? Would be frickin cool, I know its not board game related but you know, variety is the spice of life! Thanks Mark!

capain muffen 

that outtro thou


Piraeus and The Library of Alexandria are not part on the 7 Ancient Wonders of the World.

The 7 Wonders are

1: The Pyramids of Giza

2: The Statue of Zeus at Olympia

3: The Lighthouse of Alexandria

4: The Colossus of Rhodes

5: The Hanging Gardens of Babylon

6: The Temple of Artemis

7: The Mausoleum of Halicarnassus


This was excellently done, just enough info so I knew what was going on and not too much as to make it boring. I can't wait for the next episode :D


I really like this kind of content! Absolutely love finding out about games I hadn't heard of. Yo- Keep it up, Mark!

Michael Aitchison 

You should do a game of TAK

Burrty The Bard 


Is that an obscure Critical Role reference I detect?


This was a great watch Mark! I was wondering if at any point you might showcase the Tabletop game system 'Shadow of the Demon Lord'? It has a tonne of books to it already but it's a super cool system set in an awesome world that is kind of a mix of Warhammer Fantasy and Dungeons and Dragons. Cool stuff :D!


I thoroughly enjoyed this piece of internet content.

M Bevan 

Unofficial tabletop weekly subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Tabletopweekly/

Joshua Shannon 

That zoom when mark said "mistakes were made" made me chuckle and the pop-up explainations were really helpful for someone totally new to this game. Great work mark, I can't wait to see what you have in store for the channel !

Adam Buttrick 

I'm a huge fan of both 7 Wonders and 7 Wonders Duel. Loved that you did a video on this. :)

Joey Smith 

Hey Mark! I met you at Insomnia earlier this year and spoke to you about playing Scythe with the lads! Any chance of seeing that sometime soon? :)


Used this video to introduce a friend to the channel, and it looks like we now have an extra game to play on Tabletop Sim too. Great work Hulmesey!


You should do more full play-throughs with awesome people. There's market to be had since Wheaton! is still behind a paywall.

Finbarr Murphy 

love the video, keep it up!!!


Another great video ... really like the explanation of the game and made we want to give it a try ... hoping for more new games!


"No Theatre!" -Mark Hulmes, whenever


Couldn't get Smith?

Eric Booth 

Such a great game made all the better by the latest expansion.

the guy you know, that guy 

I love you mark!! I'm liking the streams to, it has got me playing xcom whilst watching the stream.

Pentagram of Templars 

Justice for Hazel!


I love this game, was surprised it wasn't on your'e valentines video. Have you played it with the religion expansion yet, I think it really adds to the game.

colm cb 

Is this the tom from the civ 6 series because you have quite a few


great vid cant wait for the next one!


great vid, any chance of seeing some more Dark Souls boardgame? keep it up mark.

E Maus 

Great vid Mark! Really like having a guest that actually knows the game so you share the explanations, avoids it getting too one sided. Overlay & comments was really useful, though I would say top banner was a little too thick. Otherwise, keep 'em coming! :)

Mizuki Ayu 

Great intro, I love the condensed rules and works great for this format. Also a big fan of Hazell, so happy to see him here. Looking forward to the rest!

Sander Hoefsloot 

Yes Mark Yeeeeeees


Very nice video. I thought the game sounded interesting and definitely is. Tom is a great guest only seen him once before I believe. Hope becoming a content creator works out for you.


I know how to play this game, I've lost many, many times to the wife. I appreciate the overlays and explained gameplay though, really helps to follow along.


This is great! Videos like this really help me teach new players. Can't wait for more videos!

Robert Waddington 

What a fun time!

Bill Buck 

Oi mark, who's the geek? We demand Hat films!!!!


Fantastic stuff Mark, looking forward to more!


Really awesome video and Tom is a great guest