7 Wonders in about 3 minutes


A brief rundown of 7 Wonders by Antoine Bauza

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"Killers" by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

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I don't like that game... I find it confusing to figure out how to win. Played ~10 times. Never won. Always dead last.

Łukasz pokoju 

One could add that this gets freaking awesome with the Leader and Cities expensions, which add a lot of combos and strategies.


Thank you for the video. Short and sweet.

Adam Kecskes 

Your comment at 1:17 is absolute truth about this game! Love it! 7 Wonders is easily one of my favorite games -- I just taught it this weekend to a bunch of newbies and they really enjoyed the challenge (and I own most of the games I like -- my friends come to me to play, rather than the other way around. One I don't own but like is Eminent Domain; the irony is the person who does own it doesn't like to play it).

3 Minute Board Games 

7 Wonders might be my favourite game I do not personally own. One of my close friends owns it, and it was his copy I used in the review. But i'm still a bit jealous of it, as it fills such a great niche and is such a solid game.

What are peoples favourite games that their friends own but they don't?