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The game 7 Wonders Duel may have three different ways for one of its two players to win, but there’s a million different ways to upgrade the game’s components. We look at 7 Wonders Duel today, on The Component Proponent.

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If you hunt around, there are also metal versions of the military and Minerva tokens out there. I think they were Essen exclusives at the time.

Cuong Nguyen 

Amazing! This is just amazing! I appreciate this video! Thanks for sharing ideas on improvements.

Gustavo Gonçalves 

Thanks for giving me credit! Here's the original photo: https://www.instagram.com/p/BQ8HN5ugeQC/ 😁


I am Zhou Huibin, one of the painters of 2 of the shields featured. Thanks for giving me some board gaming street cred by featuring some of my work on your popular channel and as always love the theme song for the Component Proponent. :)


I 3d printed all the wonders at my library. Working on painting them now!

Cole Feeser 

I'm surprised you didn't check the publisher's website, www.rprod.com, because there you can order metal versions of the Conflict and Minerva tokens. You can also order an official set of metal coins (which come in their own cloth bag) as well as official (non-DIY) copies of the "Messe" and "Statue of Liberty" wonder promos. I have all these things plus a custom insert and sleeves for all the cards and it all adds up to a very satisfyingly upgraded game that I enjoy playing.

The only thing I don't have yet is the recently revealed Stonehenge wonder promo which, really, it is just a re-theme of the Pyramids wonder and I don't have it simply because it hasn't been made reasonably available yet.

LOMDR Craft Dragon 

Yeah, this is a must sleeve from out of the box as the cards are made from the same stuff as Ravensburger/Alea cards, so they can be marked depending on how they're picked up (That and the black bordered backs problem) Learned that the hard way...Twice! <_< And only Vegas Dice Game could be fixed without getting another copy as there's opaque backs that exist for the euro sized cards, but not the mini-euros. At least 7WD is cheap enough that it doesn't feel like I'm breaking the bank to replace.

Also, those 2 inserts might be obsoleted by the impending second expansion coming out within the next year. Antonio and Cathala did tease that they're making another expansion, but released no real info on the expansion.

Jarrad Shaw 

Love it! Thanks again Chaz. Now if I can find a decent way to organize Rum & Bones Second Tide...

Trevin Taylor 

On the score pad there were dots next to certain numbers, what did those indicate?

David Tye 

Excellent, video, Chaz.