7 High-Performance Hybrid Cars and Eco-Friendly Supercars


Until recently in automotive industry such things as power or performance didn’t go together with such terms are fuel efficiency and eco-friendliness. But there are at least 7 car manufacturers, which have tried to change that by presenting their vision of the future use of hybrid motors.

These motors are used to help out main gasoline engines, which results in a wide range of benefits, including better gas mileage (but it has never been a problem for supercar owners), improved performance and lower emissions.

So in the end we get a whole range of eco-friendly sports cars with unseen before performance characteristics. In this top list we have included such vehicles (please note that credits to all used content may be found in the end of the video):

- NSX supercar by Honda;

- Peugeot 308 R Hybrid mega-hatch;

- Koenigsegg Regera hypercar with three electric motors;

- LaFerrari by Ferrari;

- Porsche 918 Spyder performance plug-in hybrid;

- McLaren P1.


Why am I looking at cars I’ll probably never afford?

sargent Sue 

You guys are contradicting yourselves

Calling the Regera tardy doing 0-60 in 2.7secs and then praising the P1 for doing it in “just” 2.8secs

Hahaha dumb

Evray Williams 

The NSX has 573 hp and does 0-60 in 2.9

J Feldhacker 

God video, how come so few subs?

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