7 Days to Die | PS4 | XBOX1 | TRADER UPDATE Console update 1


7 days to die on console xbox and ps4 ! big bases and tutorials!

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My build!

Corsair 760t

ASUS ROG Maximus IX Hero -

Corsair Dominator Platinum 32 Gb kit - (2x16gb)

I7 Kaby Lake 7700k

ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1080 AMP! Extreme, 8GB GDDR5X -

AIO Coole


Elgato hd60pro internal card

astro A40 w/deck



A15 playthrough:


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Evelyn Quinones 

Yes but my trader vanished! I have no idea what to do and I have stuff to trade!

Mihai Bobilca 

Im playing on ps4 and me trader disappeared what can I do

Kenneth Healon 

Hopefully they keep updating it. I can see why it’s exciting in this time but I’m so used to it and want more

Crimson Carp 

Yo where did he get the bookshelf at 3:25

Joseph Reed 

I just want human NPC colonies that you can destroy,take over,or join and just have all of them have ai walking around and talking to you.

Luis Vega 

How often do traders restock?

Undead Stat 

Has all this been added/updated in the console version game yet


What about when you drop stuff and it falls through the floor and disappears they still have not fixed that one That’s been going on for a long time

Andrew Hainline 

Will there be anymore updates for console?

Not A Enclave remant 

to me traders make no sense since it kinda ruins the zombie apoclypse feel but its my opinion but we better be able to raid them >:)


Yo my nigga what about ps4 I came to your channel to find out if dukes shop is even on ps4?

the zombieslayer 

Where do we find the trader an new things is it in nazegane or random gen map?

Forgotten King 

Since the traders came on console, I've been playing co-op and after a couple days (ingame) the shops just shut down and never let us in and acted like they were broke. Dunno if that's a bug or not but it's annoying as fjf wjfhsudjd. If anyone has any idea why please reply. Thanks.

From Seed To Shatter 

Just got my game up and running for the first time in maybe a year or so. I'm stoked for all this new content. Last time I played navezgane was alpha 14 or 15. So to log on and see massive hills everywhere was a trip. I'm having fun and the dogs are op. It makes it interesting cuz I actually fear something in the world now

Trent Fontenot 

Does anybody know if they removed crossbow bolts made with stone


Anybody on ps4 wanna play with me?

AJS Coates 

When are they gonna fix the MD5 errors!!!! So fustrating

Collin Guzman 

Will we get Alfa 16 for consul

Tierny Dorsey 

What are the coordinates for xbox1 to find traders? I need beer recipe

Michael Santangelo 

I kinda wish they had more shops, like more shotgun messiahs and working stiffs in navesgate

Z meister 2099 

I just want turrets and elec fences and followers that you can arm and will defend and produce for my place.


Is it a bug for if there's a staircase and you put the candle on the wall of the staircase and nothing else for PS4 because it happens alot to me even torches do it as well


So do I have to make an new world for all of this or can I still find all this stuff on my original server?


i didnt get it for ps4 why


Well I gotta know do console players now also have the draw bridge or no? I wanna make a big base with water all around it and under that water spikes :)

Pimp Anus 

Schloop trot noice

minecraft dude 

So when they taking off this annoying ass fog

José Fernando González Enciso 

So now there are traders in Xbox one and PS4

Comatose Creations 

Drop the candles one at a time.

Stephanie Bell 

Question for you. I have just started to play this game. Saw that this video was done on the 3rd. How do I get my console to do this new update?

Old gamer 

Is this on Xbox 1 if so can I play with u my account is PublishGoblin

Ruben Animations 

Who found this yesterday and searched it up because you did not know what it was


Note to everyone.....you will need to create a new game for the updates to take place. Yeah I'm 400 plus days in on consular Xbox1 so that sucks


Still only 4 ppl online?


I feel like i hit a plateau. I have all the guns i want, ton of ammo, searched like 80% of the map, bit i haven't gotten into steel forging, cement mixing, and all that. Can't find auger parts, only 1 chainsaw, i have a mini bike, do i have to unlock a bunch of skills with my skill points to start advancing?

Kim Kearney 

Anyone want to play with me on PS4? So lonely on console haha

Marko Heinze 

Was ist mit den Händlern ? Arsch

mr wolf 3478 

be nice if they will fix the mobile spot light brightness they are kinda of dull looking

The Golden Pokeball 

How do I find the trader


Still can't play with Friends online. They cant load in . Or they bugging oround Xbox One

Luca Natoli 

Might have to pick this up again and play it.

OG SellOut 

There's a motel 8

Survival Veteran 

Coordinates for bob is wrong. That's a radiation zone.

Harry Cooper 

Can you link the patch notes?

Eric Hancock 

How about fixing the bug that randomly causes your shit to just disappear? That would be great.

Oli Kemp 

Also can you do base build tutorials like a horse sniper tower base thing idk

Oli Kemp 

Yo Skippy how to I look further on Xbox is there a setting? I can only see like 1 ft in front of myself


But when they'll add electricity ???

stephan lawliet 

I fucking hate dogs


Why the eff do I need to start a new game to enjoy such updates?! Hrs of work just wasted, eff that! I did fine without a trader or extra terrain or diamonds...