65 Years of Innovation for Metal Detectors in the Food Industry



For 65 years, it's been our business to make the world healthier, cleaner and safer by ensuring that only the best products end up in the hands of consumers.

In 1947, Goring Kerr (which would later become Thermo Fisher Scientific) introduced the first metal detector for the food industry and a new level of consumer safety was realized.

Since that day in 1947, Thermo Fisher Scientific has continued that legacy of pioneering innovation, forging new markets, incorporating new technologies, and creating new products that best meet the needs of our customers.

Thermo Fisher Scientific products continue to set industry standards for accuracy, speed, productivity and energy efficiency.

Our passion for discovery and learning helps us continuously improve our processes and products and create new solutions to the most difficult product inspection challenges.

In 1999, Thermo Fisher Scientific (then Thermo Electron) acquired Graseby Goring Kerr, forming a par...