5X My Micro Stakes Bankroll In 11 Days (Bankroll Challenge Day 12)


11 days into the poker Bankroll Challenge and we've managed to 5x our bankroll! We've had a few days of run bad, so hopefully we can turn it around with some aces, sets & timely bluffs!

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Nice vid. But everyone needs to react fast in putting the volume down when Charlie hits a set and starts singing in that high-pitched biatch voice. ;)

Teq Tantrum Penny B 

I have to say, out of all of the poker videos I've watched of people playing online....you, by far, have the best conversation. On heavy topics, at that. Thank you! :)


Geez your political talk was amazing man

Oliver Eckert 

does this continue?

Gabriel Furlan 

Yo Charlie, what happened to this series? cmon man i miss you

Christian K. 

What happened with this Challenge?

Mandal Surenkhorloo 

may the flop be with you, as always!

unknown territory 

Hes not good enough to do a BR challenge. Its now december my guess is he quit realizing hes not a real poker player. Back to shoving all in pre crossing his fingers and hope he runs hot in mtts. Its hilarious bad mtt players think binking mtts makes them cash game crushers. He has no shot.

Leo Forster 

You must be the most annoying and self righteous c**t on the internet but I do enjoy your poker style.

kitty woo 

Love your singing and crazy voices. It cheers me up to see you enjoying yourself.

Marius Aglen 

We want more cashgames videos from you sir. It's great when you talk quick about what ur thinking in spots, no need to pause and go into deep analysis, but i love when u just talk quickly as the hand goes by.

Keep up the good work, and have an upvote


(((Think about who owns the newspapers, and what their agenda might be?)))

I'm always on top of it.


Parece retrasado este chico


he is obviously joking about meditating having a correlation to hitting good hands right surely lol

lee pittman 

so if you have no read on a player, an I watch him play he makes so many random moves, in so many different place, how do you ajust to that, if you have no previos reads.. would love an answer to that! nice vids by the way, can wait to see the 10k

Gonçalo Dias 

Zoom sucks, start grind mtt to finish the chalenge

Gustavo Fring 

Put in some graphs and some numbers please

I never know what ur acutal br is, how much u won, how deep ur upswings or downswings are. Would be interesting

James Punting 

Can you teach me how to play poker, can I live with you for 6 months I'll pay my way

Rob v Oort 

Brian Gets Addicted to Cocaine😂 Who saw it too?

Moinak Mitra 

Why did he fold top set his opponent could have had AK/AQ/KQ not only flushes and straights ,that fold doesn't make sense to me.

Moinak Mitra 

Do you have a communist party in america? Far left refers to communism in my country.


08:00 choose size carefully? he's all in no matter what size you raise it too unless you min raise and that's still pretty much his entire stack.

Malik Shäh 

Ive been studiyng poker long now,and yes,very good man I applause you,but If i try to do the same,KK agains 72 man will get straight or full,etc etc...me having even 20 pounds (+4stacks) in a 0.02/0.05 is literally not happening that easy,the rake back you get from pokerstars (friendly help) is not the same we get mate,simple,nothing else to say.


Dang even I could do a bank roll challenge if I flopped as many sets as you do

kitty woo 

If one is to be kind then should one not adopt the politics of kindness?

Michael Sauvageau 

Yooo Charlie sick video <3. if I can help you with ANYTHING on Twitch or elsewhere, please let me know - PungentZeus

Hendrik Alla 

At the end of each session, having finished with x times the starting stack, do you retain them for the next session or start with 100bb again?

Simon Lundmark 

Why dont you buy a computer to play poker on instead? Works better than a fruit

John Bradley 

Love your videos Charlie!

Can we see your stats at some point? I'd love to know what VPIP/PFR etc you're playing, what your bb/100 is and how your redline looks.

Bogdan David 

does anyone know how many hours/day does he play for this challange?

daniel cormier 

I love how excited Charlie gets in big pots it’s brilliant haha

Ed K 

Great videos, love this series!

I have a a quick question - at 12:10 you said "Im not folding to a shove so I might as well shove myself". Can you go into that line of thinking a bit more? I dont understand why you would bet instead of checking and hopefully getting a check back if you are afraid of his hand.


chas farthing 

Dude I hit the 5’s hand exactly the same as you and the turn was a long, he had kings though and I got stacked - sad times


how many % do u x/r AQo on 77T7 board as preflop aggressor, that was an interesting hand

Pedro Freitas 

I've had en experience with law of attraction in the past and I think this is actually a thing. By the way, how many hours are you playing daily?

julien berthe 

Are you opening a website like run it once , so we can learn more ?

alessio vela 

U are fking amazing!


nice to hear some good words about politics.. good boooi ;D

Gucci Super 

What site does he use to play on

Johnny Pop 

Hi Charlie, I love your BR challenge stream. I will find you at the 10nl Zoom streets and own you. Destroy you. Keep an eye out for the boss know as Gimmeechipzz. I'm sending you all the way down to the 1c/2c. You will see. Word. Peace.

Nathan Cooper 

Sound effects epic lol

Nathan Cooper 

Hey Charlie im looking to start meditating. How can I start at home first?

Andrew Noseworthy 

Start showing the tough spots! Tough laydowns, suckouts, incorrect calls, etc...

Bob Sixthousand 

Ugh, just so you know mate, just so you know... just letting you know, I turned your stream off cause yer silly singing! smh

chaim oneli 

Go see a psychologyist... a good one.. you can afford it... lucky dumbfuck you... thats the world we live in... only idiot retards are successful and lucky... world of lies... alma de shikra... google it if your so fucking spiritual... retarded idiot you...


You're a different dimensional player. I respect your play style and acknowledge your level deep level of skill

Benno Hammerstein 

Lol, singing Bluff bluff bluff when having a straight at 31:55 :P

Nice stream

james baker 

Please show just 1 table 😕 I want to watch but can not when it’s 4 tables because i can not see🙃 up to you though and I appreciate everything you say and do. You’re younger and more mature than I am so who am I to say. Thanks tho Charlie

Daniel Storton 

Game of luck some people luckier than others

Jaime Dominguez pleasengoezpoker 

u run as a brazilian