5000/5000 Mithril Dragons


Loved doing this goal & I've finally finished. Will be getting 99 prayer over the next few days and then moving on to my void ranger until wilderness updates!

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Fuck that intro

J Crawl Ox 


The Finesse 

Dude keeps rambling on .. get to the fuckin point

Lord Ikazuki 

Boaty. You talk like you are running out of time, Or coked up either or. Cheers


Boaty in D Chain lol


what's the intro song

Hugh Mungus 

Dat 9 hunter Doe



Patrick Kennedy 

You've come so far. Look at those stats!

Coleman Lambrecht 

You didn't price check it Damn Ginger

No Boredom 

"i'll be using the 5k d bones to get 99 prayer" to this day he is still 98 prayer lmao


July 2016, still no 99 prayer



Mathieu Vethelst 

intro song name plox?

thelintiest pickle 

may 8th, 2016. b0aty still has 98 prayer.


maybe one day he will get the 99 prayer


excatly 2 years not 99 prayer yet


March 2016, he is 98 prayer.

Josh Vance 

March 5, 2016 - Day 726: B0aty still does not have have 99 prayer. The legend states that maybe the bones will crumble to bonemeal before he actually decides to train prayer again. May the gods be with you B0aty.


still got 98 prayer;)


for anyone wondering what it is worth with todays prices, it is 70M!

If the prices is approxamantly like this:


rune battleaxe 26 200 ea 14 698 200

runite bar 14 200 ea 4 189 000

blood rune 311 ea 9 019 000

runite bolts 239 ea 849 645

rune knife 1 600 ea 1 913 600

rune mace 8 500 ea 952 000

rune spear 13 600 ea 1 346 400

dragon bones 3 700 ea 18 500 000

mithril bar 1 200 ea 18 000 000

Thizical Therapy 

is this a priv server u got 50phat sets?!


Sick intro

Jayson Quindao 

You do giveaways still? :o

Brad Gray 

wus g'n' on gice

Etheydoc Baulderock 

September 2015: Still has 98 prayer.

Byron Swan 

B0aty You're a cunthedboi

Quaantum Rahman 

Still not got 99 prayer you little slime. Disliked.

Jovon Brown 

you get the same amount of xp form dragon bones regardless of wat type of dragon

Me Fake 

Intro song? PLZZ

eiac eiacson 

Don't watch this trash. Just another streamer blabbing on about his subscribers and unrelated nothingness for ten minutes.

The loot is shown at 8:30

He received no visage and no full helms.


Pretty much 15mins of you repeating yourself. Nice loots though

VaLn Skiller 

INTRO song??

sad estrogenius 

oah i saw his password in the end dammn

Reid Johnson 

lol he could have done ctrl + f and typed in the number. would have been easier to do that than serch 3k comments

Trevor Shahrokhi 

All the party hats.....😍


rune spears 70kea lol


Dude did you customize your intro song or can I find it on youtube.  Its so sick man I love it!!! What is it!!


Hmmmm that many party hats....

avrian bork 

where do you get the old rs ?

please tell me ir would relly help


50 all phats? Guess partyhats became cheap as chips? I quit soon after partyhats were released

eamon holland 

Good for smithing if you used mith bars for that instead could have made 750k xp then alch platebodies and get 9m


Omg i love dat intro!!!

TheFuzzeh Bear 

I'm sure I guessed 563. I quit before this video was up so I wouldn't have been annoyed as you'd think :P


Holy shit I saw the partyhats and I thought maybe this was a pre eoc vid, now I see it's 07 scape LOL

123 345 

Runescape in HD Graphic ( requirement graphic 256 MB + )... http://speedy.sh/Dymqu/HD-MMO-GAME.exe


How's it going with 99 pray? Kappa

Derek Tripode 

I said 579 rune b axes

Danny Carmona 

no 99smithing ?


Intro song?