50's Style Relic Partscaster Build!!! :-)


This is so much fun! I'm no expert but I still end up with a guitar that's my new favourite! If I can do it you can too. :)

Body and neck builder: https://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/mattiafranchinguitars?_trksid=p2047675.l2559

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Tele viral 

Just subbed, very good work

No Clarity 

The guitar had a small seizure

George Lackey 

Dude nice build! You would do yourself a favor and get some good tools. That cruz crap from Fender is junk. Harbor freight has way better quality for cheap. My buddy gave me a set of that junk, it stays in a drawer.

🌏 Simpl3 DTR 🌍 

Very impressive neck tho


Awesome Video! Are you Swedish? :D

David Wernsing 

Great job, it looks amazing!


Can you tell me who he sings this song??

By the way - great guitar..I have a nash guitar https://www.nashguitars.com/

Doogie Carpit Burger Smooth Geryd Street 

Mate, you sure that's sonic blue!? Really looks like surf green...🤔 Maybe the camera effect...

Josh Namba 

0:56 da hell was that


That s just the guitar I want to build too! Could you send me links of your body and neck sellers?

AirsoftFatty's Meat Salad 

Wow, that neck is beautiful

Romeo Frankenstein 

Nice guitar build. Like the song as well. Not crazy about the vocal though. Maybe a deeper voice would help.

Adam Rosette 

Who made the body/finished it?

Cyro Pen Cap 

Awesome! Where’d you get the neck?

Brandon Umagat 

Beautiful end result. Nicely done!

Ale Salazar 

wow! what a greayt job! congrats! I like build instruments! enjoy your new guitar!


Really good upload my friend, Awesome Work¡¡¡¡¡¡. Big thumbs up from Spain and have a nice week: Javier

Emina S 


Captain High Top 

WOW! Amazing taste Vigi! I would love to do this! Great video.


Put a drop of super glue in the trem arm hole to hold the spring. You may lose it taking the arm off.


Very nice parts. Looks great. A real guitar not a Stagg or Hardly Bendover.

Jack Bouché 

That looks sick. And what’s the song during the time lapse?


Nice work, i enjoy it!


So great work🤩‼️

So cool Stratocaster😎👏👍🎸

Excellent video dear my friend😊

Reverend Guy Wallis 

awesome video! just subbed to your channel :)

Pavle Kafedziski 

P e r f e c t!!! Can't wait for the sound demo!

Jack Archer 

What a tease!!! Need to hear how it sounds and if you think the SSL-1s stand up to their praise.

Looks like a killer guitar and I gotta say you can't go wrong with a maple neck.

Grannes Vocal Projects 

Cool to see how it evolves. Inspiring..looks like a lot of fun :)

Pietro Lauria 

Well done bro !