5 Tips For Being An Ally


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Stuff mentioned in this video:

29 States Can Legally Fire You For Being Gay


State Employment Laws And Policies


34 States Can Legally Fire You For Being Trans


What's with the Macklemore joke?

Stop telling queer people to be grateful for Macklemore


Macklemore issues sort of apology for accidental Jewish costume


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Hayley Smith 

Love love love<33]

Christine Taylor 

Thanks for being kind and straightforward with these tips. Good to know some guidelines...

J. Muse Lokajickova 

Well, I am super late to the table because I just now watched this AMAZING video for the first time and I just need to say THANK YOU so much, Chescaleigh. This is a fantastic resource that I am sure serves those who are willing to listen. I am absolutely appalled by the nasty, terrible, hateful, downright awful comments posted here by so many people. I literally was sitting here with my jaw dropped. Thank you, thank you, thank you

Jill DeArmon 

You are really having a positive effect on our youth in NYC! Thank you! https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6v0ynKsPVLDTEc1ZGoyQnd2WVE2NHRyNUtBNHBQR3V6OUZN/view

Courtney Dean 

So glad I found you on Instagram. Thank you for this video and the entire #DoTheWork program!

And btw the Mario kart reference 🤣 with macklemore inside omg 😂

Hilarious and informative ❤️


Old video, but one I've felt the need to come back to just to check myself now and then. The "speak up, not over" is the most difficult one because while that sounds simple in theory, it can be a bit of a fine line. I guess the important thing is to recognise that there is a line at all.

Daisy Zamora 

I'm really not sure why there is so much negativity in this video? I think it's important for everyone to realize WE ALL HAVE PRIVILEGE in our own ways. It is not something we should try to hide, but rather acknowledge it and use it to progress whatever movements we care for. It seems like a lot of people in the comments are upset they can't always be at the forefront, sometimes we have to take a step back and be the best supporting actress/actor.

Heather Duckett 

I just really love you. Thank you for giving direction to allies. 😘 your amazing!!!

Akozinski 90 

Hey I think this video really put things into perspective, thank you for explaining stuff in a fun, easy way! I'm glad my RA training used your video to teach and educate us!

Erin Pillman 

This is an EXCELLENT 14-episode series that helps us to see "whiteness" and goes through the history of how race & racism began. It's SO well done... foundational education. There's even a study guide for "Seeing White" I just discovered.


I listened to all 14 episodes and it is just EXCELLENT.

Here's the link to episode 1 of 14 of "Seeing White."


You can also access this in the podcast app on your phone. Search for “Scene on Radio” and then go to “available episodes” and start with episode 1, which is called "Turning the Lens (Seeing White, Part 1).​"​


Beth Katherine 

The comments that find this video patronizing are nuts!!! This is a very helpful, level-headed video about basic tips to help support anyone who has been marginalized.


i am in love with your content new subby!!!!

Cassie Preskenis 

I LOVE this video! It is the most clear and concise description of privilege I have heard. Thank you for being articulate, clear and also humble in your perspective. Seriously, thank you!

Cassie Preskenis 

I LOVE this video! It is the most clear and concise description of privilege I have heard. Thank you for being articulate, clear and also humble in your perspective. Seriously, thank you!

Eliza Connolly 

This is so excellent, and a great explanation of privilege that's short & sweet; I feel like often people get offended to be told they have "privilege", as though they assume it means you had everything handed to you, and it makes it harder to move the conversation forward.

stephanie zubriski 

I find it interesting how many comments are about gender differences or race differences when there is no mention about how her '5 tips' apply to a specific gender, race, ethnicity, nationality, social-economic status, (dis)ability, age, religion .... Just because she is a black women does not mean she is targeting white males .... She clearly states her own privilege in an example of sexual orientation therefore acknowledges how she does have privilege over other groups (e.g. LGBTQ+ folks in certain states can be punished just because of who they are -- not cool). The fact that those laws exist is not an opinion or a debate -- it is now a reality that some people's jobs are less secure because of who they want to have sex with. F***ed up.

Second, I did not take what she was saying as condescending but unfortunately, sometimes information about 'how to be an ally' can be taken as if the person giving the advice has an ego. Do not mistake someone's ability to recognize their privilege a


So eloquently put. Thank you.

Rosalie Bull 

Thank you for posting this! I really appreciate online resources like this

Vincent Bolt 

I want you to know I have been using this video for years as an intro to understanding how to be an ally for years. I also love the Sometimes you are the Caterpillar video to explain privilege. It works for audiences of all ages. Keep being amazing at what you do. :)

Elizabeth Pettey 

This video moved me to tears. Thank you for sharing such thoughtful insight.

Emily Uecker 

Years later I still keep coming back to this video. Thank you. Helps me explain white feminism to well meaning white women. Sorry you have so many trolls on here but this has seriously helped me in my own racial justice work as a white person so much. Going to take more stuff like this to combat the 45th

Nathan Harwood 

It's degrading that in the full lgbt name they call us allys instead of straight, because they can't fucking stand someone they don't like being in there trendy little club

Phoenix Avathar 

Thank you for a great video. What a shame that there are so many idiot racist losers posting comments here. I can't even begin to imagine how they live with themselves

Jasonmtt Jnmookk M. 

One thing that bothers me about that definition of "Privilege". ... It's pretty close minded to automatically assume that someone will never experience certain things, or have to think about certain things, all because of who they are. ... Ok, now who are you to assume you know who that person is, or what they've been through? That is a mighty big assumption, assuming that because of their status, orientation, skin color, etc... They will never experience certain things. Sure, sometimes in corner cases it could be true. But, to make it a broad sweeping statement is pretty ignorant.

We all experience different things in life, and determining someone's 'privilege' or experiences without taking time to get to know the person is pretty stupid. It's cool though, because it actually gave me a chuckle. You used the description of a horse that can see just fine, but has blinders on. ... Look in a mirror! x'D That is EXACTLY how people act when they try to point out other people's privileges,

Blake Bondurant 

I've never had anybody explain privilege like that before. Usually I'm just told that no matter how poor I was growing up, poor poc had it worse than I did. I understood middle class white people definitely had white privilege, but I couldn't see how a poor, white person had any type of white privilege. But I understand that I was mixing up class privilige and white privilige. Although I had no class privilige, I still had my white privilege. So I had one target, while poor poc already had 2 targets from the start.

What worries me is that white youth don't know about white privilege. I asked my 15 year old full-white younger sister (I and my 3 other siblings are mixed) if she knew what white privilege was, and she answered in the typical way that white people respond to that phrase. She gave me a look of confusion and annoyance. I believe it's the word "privilege" that causes the problem. She has never heard of the concept!

Heather S 

This is great, and super helpful. Thank you (:

Taryn Pyle 

I just read through some of the comment below and I am appalled at what people are saying in many cases. I found your willingness to teach and help us understand wonderful and I am so glad I saw your interview on MarieTV. You are very gracious to allow many of the remarks that are posted here even though you don't have to. You could easily remove them. Many of which show a tremendous amount of ignorance. I had a hard time with the word "privilege" and have been working to understand the meaning and how it related to me as a white person. I want to be an Ally, and I am sure I am going to get it wrong more than I will get it right as I navigate my way through it all. I have a friend Sarah Michelle Brown who is working on a video around Empathy, and your words mirror much of what she has taught me through discussions we have had. Thank you for continuing, thank you for posting and not giving up even when you get the kinds of comments that can be disheartening. People need to take

Taryn Pyle 

Thank you for this. I am trying to understand what to do, how to do it better to support change.

Eunice Ndungu 

"An ally wouldn't be the lead singer, or the second lead singer - they'd be Michelle" 😂😂😂 that had me dead. Great video explaining everything so well.

Andrea C 

Black female priviledge?? does that even exist?? whats wrong with these white dudes who are so butt hurt at something she didn't even finger pointed lol


Hey there! Just watched this and the apologizing video – it can be tough medicine to swallow sometimes, but I'm glad I found you. And I *really* appreciate that you used personal examples of your own blindspots/mistakes to help me (and others) see that making mistakes doesn't mean you don't deserve to be included or to receive forgiveness. :)

Annnnnnnnd a-like *click*

Ryan King 

Erm..... you say it's cool if we disagree as long as were adults about it, but doesn't the title suggest that if we disagree and don't do the things spoke of in this video that we're enemies of minorities? - genuine question.

I mean, I don't make assumptions based off of someone's race/ethnicity like a racist would, but I disagree with your argument itself entirely.

Nicholas Tolbert 

Thank you so much for the excellent video. I'm someone who is blessed to have some amazing allys in my life. Recently, I began to explore how I can be an ally to other marginalized groups. Your video was great to watch not only as a minority but now as an ally as well.

Melissa H 

Thanks for helping me with this delicate dance. In my community, everyone feels vulnerable right now, and tangible guidelines are incredibly useful.

Elusive Wombat 

This is a really informative and helpful video, thank you so much for putting forth emotional labor to educate.

Francesca Osuna 

This is super helpful. Thanks for spelling it out and giving clear steps to take.


Why are so many young women so pretentious?


You aren't funny build your own fucking house

Homo Sapiens 

Race hustlin' for profit!

Fariel Gazelle 

& demanding reparations to be paid to descendants of US slaves is mentioned 0 times.

Todd The Assburger King 

There isn't more likes then dislikes to this video. YouTube is rigging her like to dislike ratio

clorox leech 

Ally is a noun… talk is a verb. You don't "to ally", it's "to be an ally" lmao. Other than that, great vid.


Nice video!


gaga watched this video!!! go see her twitter


who is come from Lady Gaga Twitter account?

Karia Gang 

Any small Youtubers trying to do a sub for a sub?

Scott Elkins 

Great video and tips. Thank you!


These are literally just helpful tips lmao she's not being rude in any way you guys really need to get out of your own asses

Rob Norton 

I am an ally. I am the blonde, long haired gay Michelle. Can you handle this? I don’t think you can han.... oh, who am I kidding? There is not one single person on this planet that cannot handle this. I am not anythinglicious, except maybe vocabulary-wise, or the power of my Z-Formation Snap. [disclaimer: both of which I learned from those of whom I am an ally.] Thanks to your informative video, I am certain that I must have done something right along the way somewhere, because I get a passing grade on all your points. Maybe not an A+ yet (but I see a “how to apologize” video I haven’t yet watched over there... so I’ll go there next. I was reading some of the comments below and I thought “Man. It must suck to have to slog through all of that stuff and just try to keep saying “I know this is about them and not me” over and over. So I thought I’d write you at least one nice, positive, supportive word for every arsehole’s word below... then I thought about conserving all the internet ink

James Perkins 

did you know that conservatives dont need to tell blackconservatives how to be conservative?' did you know that we generaly dont need to coach people to understand and embrace our movement? did you know that we don't tell blacks who aren't down with your racism how be an ally to us? what does it say about you that you want to berate and control the white people who support you because of the color of their skin? 2. I love how you back peddle on white privilage to clarify that you don't actually have to see any quality of life benefits in order to be privilaged. You imply that being white means you will never have to be subject to racism while being willfully ignorant of the cultural​y acceptable hatred of whites that your movement celebrates. I dare you to spend an hour watching blm protests and reading blm articles and count the times your own movement calls white people evil. take those instances and imagine the roles reversed and then tell me with whatever honesty you have left that