5 Things About Tomb Raider That NEVER Made Any Sense (Lara Croft)


5 Things About TOMB RAIDER That Make You Ask WHY???

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Tomb Raider is one of the most popular video game franchises in the action-adventure genre, but there are some aspects of the series which just don’t make any sense!

This is TheGamer's list of 5 Things About Tomb Raider Which NEVER Made Any Sense.

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By now, everyone knows about Lara Croft and her tomb raiding ways. While she may not be as well known as Mario, Link, Sonic or Samus, she does have a certain appeal which tugs gamers i...

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What do you think doesn't make any sense about Tomb Raider?

Fredy Real-Calderon 



Dude she rules it all, thats what makes her fantastic. Ps: Archäoligie has nothing to do with Ghosts, shooting and destroying tombs and temples that are in astonishing good constitution for its age. As theme- idea for your next video.

Clara González 

I wish I hadn't seen this video.

Omega Games Elite 

you thought circling a woman’s butt and pointing an arrow at it is a good thumbnail

i t s n o t

Ricochet Gaming 

Lara's butt didn't make any sense

Tom Soares 

Well I just wasted 7:14 of my life...and for the last time: unless you can go back in time and recreate the first Tomb Raider game to look just like the newest one with the technology of that time, then STOP F**** COMPLAINING ABOUT HOW LARA USED TO LOOK! Wanna talk about something that doesn’t make sense, ok, at least talk about how she had infinite bullets on the first few games...that would make more sense for a video like this one.

Fredy Real-Calderon 

Stew logic now

Andrew Glebus 

Nathan Drake


Why the problem of learning everything Batman does everything and his fans(which you are also) says because he is Batman. Poor idiot doesn't know anything about Thor being a Mythological deity not a comic character.

Epic Slap 

So its impossible to learn many skills and find hidden treasures . you guys have a skill. Called misleading and being false in every aspect. Now go play the games and be good little umbasses

Coco Co 

Lara croft she is a bellioner

Riot Shield 

Is there a mod where lara wears a thong. Asking for a friend. Honest.


The SJW's at SquEidos ruined Lara.... turning her from a capable, intellectual, scholarly, sexy lady of class and upbringing with a good sense of humor into a Waif-like, brooding, foul-mouthed, blood thirsty rape-attempt survivor (because that is what passes for a strong female character these days, right?)


This is so terribly written and read with such douchiness.


I thought she was more an adventurer/ thrill seeker. Archeology was just a passing fancy for her. She evolved into more of an archeologist, however, I think that's what made the game less appealing to players.


Dude, have you ever played the games you're criticizing? I can't believe you thought she was using Marvel's Thor's hammer... *sigh*

Nine Three Gaming 

**Looking at the thumbnail**..what her ass?

Florence Gump 

Party pooper



Sriniketh jutur 

I came here for the thumbnail

Fo Haus 

I still love her.


wow! this sucked more than i thought it would.


In Tomb Raider II, Lara spends a big chunk of the movie running around on the rusted wreck of a ship that's been at the bottom of the ocean for several decades.


Anybody who took three steps on iron that thoroughly rusted in bare feet would be found dead at the end of a trail of blood that ran out of the shredded remains of her legs.

(And then there's the places where she finds pickup items. Sometimes there's a plotline reason for there to be machine-gun ammo or first aid kits in unlikely places, but how do such things get into lost caverns where no human being has ever set foot, or in ancient ruins where she's the first person to visit in thousands of years?)


Yo delete this

Edenian Kitana 

Sorry but this is quite possibly the worst Tomb Raider video i’ve ever seen. You don’t seem to know much at all about Tomb Raider.


One of the most stupid videos I've ever seen.


This video is a waste of time.

Damo R 

The worst video I have seen regarding Tomb Raider. Cobbling together a few non points in the name of likes - abysmal effort

Needles Iblis 

This is one of the worst, most annoying videos I've ever seen.

Sara Stein 

This boi has a serious bone to pick with Lara, must be a feminist.

Ok, watched the entire video, he's definitely a feminist, honestly, I prefer the extremely curvy Lara, as apposed to the stick version, that's the Lara we all know & love!

Justin Dicke 

How to make yourself look like a jackass: Tomb Raider Edition.

Do some research or your channel will be no better than WatchMojo

Armando Dy 

The thumbnail points to Laras shorts, and the video only mentions changes in her appearance. So where are the shorts in 2018? LMAO 😂

A R 

objectification and sexualization exist, but some women choose to do it regardless, even some men. The fault I see is trying to socially engineer the people to behave in a certain way. Men are being emasculated and women being androginzed in the West. The people are supposed to choose. Someday there will be underground circles where the burdens of Western society will be left at the door and engage in whatever they want to do and maybe play a modded Tomb Raider with big boobs and no one will be over their shoulders judging them.

reven ice 

Apart from the Thor’s hammer screw up there’s the archeology thing Lara is not an archeologist she is a tomb raider. Archeologists aren’t pulling in the big bucks but they also generally don’t sell their finds on the black market. The whole topic is made redundant however because Lara’s money didn’t come from her tomb raiding she inherited it.

Also on a side note did he imply Indiana Jones is rich??? Because he is not he’s a professor we see his house it is not a Croft stile mansion nor is he famous outside of the history community in his world he is unknown.

Gareth Fairclough 

Is it just me, or does the music sound rather like that used the the chieftain in his videos?


She had a special glove in a tomb that had the power to use the hammer. that’s why she was able to use the hammer

Mirax II 

haha this is all very true, but yes even tho tomb raider is very unrealistic I think TR gets it charm by adding in real world myths and mixing it with fantasy to make it more interesting.

Also I think the reason why Lara and her family has all those artifacts and not other archaeologists because apparently the Croft family was the only archaeologists that were smart and brave enough to go after the artifacts they have so thats why they have it all hidden in their croft manor, thats pretty much how their story was told, lool

angelo lopez 

her bones dont break

Justin O's Channel 

She wasn't rich because of her hobby of tomb raiding. She's rich because her father was a Lord of the realm and she is a Lady. Her money was inherited because of her father's status. Lara is a female power fantasy. The games don't need to make sense

Nina Croft 

You should definitely change the name of your channel. You're not a gamer, and definitely not THE gamer! Whoever expects any video game to be realistic and to make sense, has absolutely no idea what video games are and what their purpose is. And also, a person who plays a game just to find its flaws or things that make no sense in the opinion of his shallow and limited mind, the person who is unable to ENJOY a game, is NOT a gamer, and shall never be one! Please find ONE, just ONE video game where everything makes sense! Resident Evil, Metal Gear, Counter Stike, Wolfenstein, Hitman, even strategies like Civilization, all these games have characters, enemies, puzzles, reward systems etc. which are absolutely UNREAL and make no sense! A gamer WOULD KNOW THIS! You're not the gamer, you're a reviewer, and by the way, A BAD REVIEWER! Moreover, a stupid and uninformed one! Thor's Hammer is a part of Norse mythology, and it was not invented by Marvel! Underwold is based on Norse mythology and

chicken 27 

The first one was wrong btw that is possible and the thing about this hammer I thought that was just a marvel thing that only the worthy could hold it?

Edming Productions 

What a terrible video... Starting with the Hammer...

Junyan Pan 

Lara is awesome and I don't know why.


OMG... that was 7 minutes bullshit!!! >.<

Mon Rosales 

This video is as stupid as the Kardashians lol can you just enjoy the game!?


What doesn't make sense is Lara NOT having her iconic duel pistols in the new reboot games.

Nola Madison 

Whoever made this can go to hell.

Ariel Fishlips 

thors hammer in game needs gloves and belts for it not to kill Lara also this thor and marvel's thor are two VERY different characters! for one in norse myth loki is not thor's brother at all! I think loki was odin's brother but I might be wrong with that

MyJapaneseFellas Animations 

5:44 SHADOW of the Tomb Raider ???