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Student Loans! Whether you hate them or hate them, you're probably going to have to deal with them in one way or another. Why? Because over 40 Million young(ish) Americans owe over 1.2 Trillion dollars in student loan debt and millions of others have this spectre of debt loom over crucial life decisions. And while there are no easy answers about what to do about it, there are a lot of good questions like: Why has tuition across the United States skyrocketed over the past 30 years? What are your student loans really paying for? Is there anything you can do? And perhaps most importantly, is this all just a bunch of Bullshit?

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Free college. I'm Scottish so I can go to a Uni in the world's top 25 and pay nothing. Live here y'all, it's better 😶

Sweet Lil Devil 

I listened to this without watching the video. I thought the guy in the video weighed about 500lbs judging by his voice! lmao, he sounds very hungry


Betsy Devos has no empathy

mike white 

Yeah and when You want to work Your way thru college and not loan up You will have to compete with millions of immigrants. But Who are We to judge lets bring more of them in. Especially Muslims.


Agreed. I have two bachelors and a masters degree. Not working in my field because I can't find a job (environmental education) in the field. Living paycheck to paycheck and my loans are now up to $65,000.

Ronald Lewis 

Stunning to see that partisans hate this show so much they're even willing to side with student loans...

CupcakeCult93 CupcakeCult93 

I’m so glad I decided world of warcraft and cheetohs were a better life decision than college

Bob Dobbs 

Let’s be honest. Nobody who likes this is going to college.

Brytanni Parrett 

Finally. A video that helps everyone.

Christina Thomas 

You know what the highest paying job in 48 states out of every state in the US is? College dean owner. That says enough. You wanna know second highest paying job?? College sports coaches...


I never even went to pick up my degree. It's been about 10 years. If I knew then what I know now, i would NOT have went to the expensive college that I chose to go to. I don't even have use for the degree I spent so much money on.

TK 421 

Communists, all of you. And racist. Work to pay off the loan or don’t take a loan and work through college. Or just don’t go.

Emmett Thornton 

Wow, Franchesca, you finally appear in a video that isn't warmed over, race-baiting dogshit.

Tony Francis Degan 

Don't be stupid. No one doesn't know how to pay student loans. If you can pay a phone bill, you can make student loan payments. And research your damn career field. Don't blame schools or administrators. Who cares if they're rich? Envy is what it is. Who isn't trying to make more money? I can't believe people care if someone else is well off. College is an investment, treat it like one. Hell, so is all of life. You make bad choices, expect to get bad results. Don't blame anyone else for your mistakes because no one else is going to care enough, everyone is looking out for themselves at the end of the day they don't have time for your bullshit. People are choosing not to make student loan payments, don't expect the government to bail you out of a decision you made. I have over $10000 in student loan debt and climbing, but I already factored that was the case and know what amount of debt I can take on with the career I want, and the health of my career field in the future. I'm not expec

Between the Wars 

Wait...in 1973 a student could work a summer job and pay almost their entire tuition of over $10,000???!!!! Are you out of your damn mind? A student working a summer-type job was probably earning somewhere in the realm of $1.50/hr. Multiply that by 40hrs and you have a gross, pretax amount of $60/wk., net somewhere around $45/wk. Now, multiply that by the entire possible summer of 12 weeks, assuming there were no personal expenses like travel or food and that student has earned $540. Millennials- do your research and don’t buy into this bullshit agenda. They’re flagrantly lying to you to force your way of thinking. Please- do NOT become a Republican, but keep your mind open to not fall prey to the Democratic slave master. They want to own all of us but we can own them. Decoded is the definition of ‘the man.’ They are LYING TO YOU!

Marie Angelie 

This year, Public College schools in the Philippines are having FREE TUITION! Why can’t the US have a free tuition for a change?


So this commie thinks everything should be free? 😂

Dominic Centanni 

No one makes get student debts you choose to take out student debt

Ray Milligan 

you borrowed the money, so pay it back , your bad Decisions have bad consequences!

Jeffrey Rodriguez 

Children believe in santa....adults believe in politicians


Please help me create a better future for my cousin and I www.gofundme.com/w5gu9q-pay-off-my-student-loans

The Modern Man 

It’s hilarious how many people leave comments about everyone getting worthless degrees... the reality is that students who studied STEM, Accounting, and Law have equally high unemployment, and the “gig economy” is a Bullshit title for perpetually temporary contracts with no benefits for professionals. Constant temp work, along with Outsourcing and the abuse of H1B1 Visas to deflate Salaries, has made it impossible to repay student loans for even the “best” degrees because there are no permanent well paying jobs to sustain constant loan repayment.

The Shrimp 

You did have free education it's called public high school. We all complained about it and it became worthless.

Felix The Cat 

Your student loans are funding advertising as well, this is a highly overlooked aspect of college budgets

Nedzad Cavka 

Some valid points are made - but nowhere do they give the most simple and basic advice,  which is what most people need to hear:

- pick a good major that is marketable.  Something people will pay you for.

- go to a community college and then, a public university.  going out of state or to a private university is a terrible idea. 

- work part time and live below your means (easier said than done - but it can be done)

- apply for plenty of scholarships.  a couple of hundred bucks here and there and it adds up to thousands.

when you graduate, hopefully you get a good job because you picked a good, marketable degree.   Don't buy a new car.  Pay off your loans aggressively (VERY aggressively) and then you can be free.

Nedzad Cavka 

what this video does not say is that putting your loans in deferment or forbearance will continue to accrue interest.  Kind of a huge deal, you can't just skip over that.

A. Maus. 


David Rodriguez 

College is bullshit

Scott McDougall 

get job->pay off loan

John Something 

I'll say this. I didn't have a full understanding of just how devastating "compounding interest" was going into college.

Then I switched my major to accounting, and suddenly realized "oh ....shit....I'm fucked".

Yep. I have a good salary now, and after I make my monthly loan payment, I have a not so good salary. It was a struggle early on, because although my real income (after making my monthly payment) was near poverty level, I couldn't qualify for any social programs, because my actual income was too high. So there is this gray area, where college grads with student debt, can be worse off than those who live at or below the poverty line.

Thankfully, after a few raises and promotions due to working my ass off, I'm in a much better place....but it was a real struggle for a while.


Taxpayers footing the bill for your shitty Culture and Gender Studies classes is even more bullshit.

Leftists: they want everything free and don't give a fuck who gets stolen from.

Jake D 

I've been studying on my own, and then testing out of classes. I've only been able to do the basics, like Mathematics, English, and all of those. However, it's better to spend $80-$100 on tests that I've studied for in my own comfortable time table, than to spend hundreds to thousands on classes where the teacher will more than likely fail me if I piss them off or something. Happened to one of my friends, proved the professor wrong, and instead of having an intellectual debate, or something of that nature, they told them to go see the dean, and failed him from the class.

Royal Oak Studios 

these companies literally just gave you money so you could get an education your beyond welcome and no one is forcing you to got to collage let alone an extremely expensive one. you literally got free money and are complaining that you have to fulfill your side of the agreement.


This is part of the reason the world laughs at US.


You borrowed the money, and now don't want to pay it back....ah America. Fucking sad.

Olivia esddms 

Poke. I solved this by going to Europe! Yearly tutition? 3800$ (1800$ of which are housing costs). No kidding. Ok, places like Oxford are expensive, but choose any smaller place, it's still cheaper...

I just worry about food and toiletries and clothes and whatnot.

Good luck, guys.

Ninion Beal 

I don't think MTV understands what a loan is.


Interesting how the people complaining about student loans are never engineers.


If you can't pay for college, don't go. Students agreed to pay the loans, then pay them back. I did. You are just sticking it to everyone else if you do not pay.

Dalton Baker 

so who do you want to pay for these schools for everyone to go to

Disney Vasquez 

Franchesca Ramsey is a stupid slut!

Thousand Names 

My loan was small but I still can't pay it cause I'm on State-level Disability. Once I get approved for SSI I want to set up payments and finish my degree online. I have 65 credits towards my AA degree all on grants but rising costs meant I had to take out a loan just to be able to cover tuition, books, other supplies and transportation to and from school. When I was forced to drop out due to my disability I defaulted on my loan cause I have no income. Here it is almost 4 years later, my loan is only around 2K. I'm actually glad I dropped before taking out even more loans cause 2K is easily paid off on Federal Disability. I go to community college it's cheaper than a University and a lot of my instructors actually work at UW so it's the same stuff they teach there but in a more comfortable setting with smaller classrooms. I knew many of them personally and they all pretty much told me that they prefer teaching smaller classes cause they have more control that way. The success rate amon

JDogg Foster 


carlos spicywiener 

totally dude. nobody should have to think about making sure that the degree they are pursuing is a sound investment when they consider it's cost. if somebody wants to spend 8 years getting a PhD in lesbian dance theory they should not be held accountable for their own financial decisions, and the fact that these mean lenders are expecting people to pay them back even though their degree in underwater transgender hat design doesn't have any effect on their income potential is terrible. the government should make sure that everybody has the exact same income despite how useful they are. as a matter of fact they should ban the private ownership of property too, so that dean doesn't have a boat or a Lexus while students are struggling to pay for their degrees in man spread identification and racism detection. if he tries to keep the boat we will have to make a place to lock him up....hmmm what to call this place?....I got it! we will call it a "gulag". that's a fun word.

Carlos Miguel Ugalde 

you're an idiot.

Lebron James 

Just don't take out the loan!!!


This is one of the very few (in this series of Franchesca's videos) where there are more likes than dislikes. Because this is a topic that actually affects whites too. It just highlights their apathy to the plight of others.


This bitch is going to europe to complete college/univeristy after highschool.

Stiff Wit 

Thank God it's not about race for once!!!


People need to go after degrees that actually get them jobs where they can pay off their loans, be productive members of society. The real epidemic is the number of prople getting into debt for useless degrees that will never allow them to pay off their loans. it is UP TO YOUNG PEOPLE to research this before going to school and not feel entitled to get a useless degree because thry feel it's their right. We need more people in science, engineering, law, medicine and trades. These people have no problem paying off their loans.