5 Nintendo Switch GAMES on eShop UNDER $1.. ONE DOLLAR! YOU CAN TRY! Switch Sale


ONE DOLLAR.. can't buy you much. However, on the Nintendo Switch eShop we found 5 Switch eShop Games UNDER $1.. that are on a Switch Sale.. You may just wanna try! Do any of these Nintendo eShop Games spark your interest or will you be saving the $1 for something else, let us know!

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Xxxethan45 xxX 

I got oh sir it’s so fun




no the way remastered?

Eric Adams 

I paid 10 dollars for Doodland. Definitely worth a dollar. Not worth 10. If you like speed running, it's a fun, quirky game.



anders janheim 

Seriously though.. 80& of The eshop is doodland.....


I agree you should play the games I would be more interested in your thoughts on how they play than speculation.

ivan rupee 

I'm probably gonna get change the seasons for my two year old.

Murasaki Ookami 

I would have preferred if you had of actually played any of these games. I'm perfectly able to sort the games in the eshop by price. To be brutally honest this was just lazy, you didn't even have anything positive to say about the chicken game(apart from the price)


Not gonna lie, I'm really digging the "Rambling Gabe"


"If you can teach your kids the seasons...that's...a thing...right?"

Christina Pittsley 

Totally getting these


Lidten, I love the vids you guys make, but this one is a bit dissapointing. Why not search for the cheapest games (even over $1) but that we should def check out. This vid was more a joke and I get it, but I think that almost no one is going to buy one of these games. Keep up the good work though.

Mack Dack 

I hate SwitchForces crap content but I like Gabe, I think he should break off. Zack,s laziness drags it down.


Meh, why pay when I don't have to? If I try it and like the game, I'll support the devs. But I like the try and buy model, thankfully switch has that available.


Direct tomorrow uk time 10:00 confirmed lads thought ad give you a heads up one of the updates are fire emblem your welcome

Kieren Buckley 


jere yliselä 




Gabriel Prado 

I like the new style

Joel Parker 

We all know this channel is Gabe Force

I'm sorry ,man 

MJ shirt, let’s go!

Planet Orange Gaming 

Check out all the free games that have been released and plz show u guys playing games like smash or war frame

Planet Orange Gaming 

Billy jean is my son, the only one who said the switch is the one, the chance with my puns

Jackie Yanish 

Gabe ,why can't you say " robo " in Japan ?? 🇯🇵 does that mean something else in another language ??

Jackie Yanish 

This is cute ,your doing a story & start to loose control . Your cute anyways . 😂😅😍 sorry you couldn't loose your composer ! 😅

( Gabe ) 👍👍


I would like more 1 dollar game vids maybe u could get some and play them and review

Alex b 

unless i missed it, Zombillie is 4.49gbp.. what a shame.

The Way Remastered is a game i can recommend for 1$. probably one of the best ones.

Brian Green 

That MJ shirt tho!

Zombie Moose82 

Doodleland took a page from BoogerMan

Lorenzo Fernandez 

My kids like 3/5 of the games you suggested.

mason 5mith 

Nintendo direct will hopefully be tommorow :D

Patrick McGinnes 

Not every where has seasons. Lol

Crushin' It 

The intro reminded me of Charlie Brown lol 😂

Christian Valdes 

Being a huge Nintendo as well as being a Michael Jackson fanatic (love the shirt), this video made me super happy 😊! Where did you buy the shirt? I want one too lol

Nahuel CC 

I just bought The Way Remastered for 1 dollar on the Russian eShop. Much better game than this crap.


I love all the immature jokes scattered throughout the video lol.

“It’s ok zombille, lots of people have the problem of not having enough meat.”


Toniokart 64 

There’s something to be said about having these games that look like they’re made in Flash standing right alongside games like Super Smash Bros Ultimate. I bought a bunch of these types of games on Wii U too ;)


I actually love the way you guys edited this video, I want more videos edited like this 🤙🏼

Sterben Gamer 

Your not in the void any more?!?!?!


Honestly seeing a game on sale for $1 makes me not want to buy it. It makes them look desperate

Buddha Xombie 

This would have been cool if you actually played the games and let us now if they are worth the few cents they are.

Gagi Blooper 

You forgot Bouncy Bob Gabe


Michael Jackson!!!


I think insult simulator might have been based off the Aqua Teen Hunger Force episode where meatwad had the game insult master.


I like the content but if you can play before you review would be better

Tyler Hoose 

I picked up the way for 99 cents. Excellent purchase.

Justin Hazlett 

Funny video! Good job...I haven't picked up any of these kooky games though.


I payd like 2 cents for Galice Brick breaker after using my coins and it s not a good brick breaker game the paddle is not responsive enough and that's the most basic part of making the game good

Jesse Schulz 

It's " doodle-land" not "dude-land lol. Like doodling on paper