5 Mistakes Artists Make


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Graphic Artist's Guild Handbook of Pricing and Ethical Guidelines


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Soraka valour 

The last one is definitely my biggest mistake xdddddd

Andrew Las 

This is probably the first time that the likes are in the thousands and the dislikes aren't. It's usually the other way out. She definatly deserves the dislikes, she's unfunny and immoral.

Christher Rogers 

White people are OK! #whitepower #itsoktolikewhitepeople #blackpeoplecanberacisttowhitepeople #FranchecaRamseyisaracistbitch #whitehistorypridemonth

Siera (The Chosen One) 

Excellent channel. Glad I found it! Keep up the good work! ❤


SJW is bullshit!!!!!! offend is bullshit!!!! I'm a Victim is BULLSHIT!!!!! Black lives matter is bullshit!!!!!!!! Until black lives matter to all black people then it is bullshit!!!!! Because there is a black man right now today talking about how if a motherfucker doesn't have his money he going to kill him!!!! Money will always be more important than human life. That don't just go for black people that is all races all of humans on earth. Money is the most important thing in this world.


You are fucking retarded! I grew up in a all black neighborhood. I know growing up white in the hood isn't growing up black in the hood. Why cause black people kill other black people. My friends use to be afraid to stay down at the park if I left because other black people would come shooting up the court or the park. It was really dark at one time there were 9 unsolved murders because people were to stupid not to talk to the police. Why because in the hood there taught not to trust the police or not to call the police. I didn't get scared when police man came around but they did. Why I never saw one time where a police acted racist or mean. You say color blind is racist!!! When the hell do you get to call anything racist!!!! You don't get to say this racist.... this is racist and that is racist... cause you feel like it. You have destroy so much of what Martin Luther King Jr build in this country!!!!! He wanted to build a bridge between two races and all races. He

Jason Stallings 

Great advice here.

Jason Stallings 

yeah f*** exposure.

TwoGun Gunnar 

I just blundered across this. It's good solid advice. Francesca seems like a genuinely cool fun person when she's not talking about that intersectional social justice nonsense.

Francesca! Do more stuff like this! I feel the Coolness in you...Regressive Leftism hasn't driven it from you fully.


You are a mistake.


Maybe you could talk down to people just a little bit more.


Friends? A racist person like you has friends???

Kinetic Affect 

chescaleigh, as we move closer to the white pride march this weekend, would you

Please watch this: https://youtu.be/TxeE1bKfLSQ

Deliler Derneği 



You are a coward for disabling comments on some of your posts.

jay galo 

Racist nasty bitch

T'Vontis Gully 

I'm an Artist and I made the mistake of not writing a contract.

Streaming Iraq War Veteran 

It's pretty pathetic how black people can sit there and say the n word but God forbid if a white person says the n word news flash to all the stupid black people out there freedom of speech if you don't like it it doesn't fucking matter

Give Us The Floor 

Ugh... this is so real. People of all ages need to be compensated for their time and their work. You are worth it.

Tabia NaMoto 

Thank you for this video - it is right on time for me!


I teach at an MFA program and for some reason art schools don't teach any business skills .. to me it's unconscionable. Thank you.


This is so important.

You People Are Crazy 

I. Am. Not. Your. Friend. Please stop making videos.

J Ketcham 

you have simular face structure to Charlotte Lebon.

Miles Brust 

The only thing this proves is that industry limits art

Yasentertainment Online News 


Gary Sass 

wtf is this channel


I think the biggest mistake you could make, is being a biased, racist, bitter, delusional hack... just sayin'

Andrew A 

I just found out you’re a 7 foot tall monkey


I hear the cotton fields calling. Oh yeah please get aids.


These are things I've always done/didn't do/thought about but never wanted to admit that they were really things I needed to fix!! I just RECENTLY stopped downplaying my art, and it changed the way I even created art! The contract is a really good idea, I've had people skip out on payments before too. I stared doing deposits when I first started selling my work (thank goodness). Such great tips, thank you for doing this!

roy romano 

Her n word double standard video...

She's such a dumb bitch.

How she survives in Florida, I'll never know.

She would have a real problem if she came to Texas.

Badili Sylvester 

🇲🇱📚sublime 📚🇲🇱

Krat Krit 

So, What do you think about the fact that you basically have said that people with social anxiety are trolls and useless?

Marta Carrera 


Wyatt McFall 

F u noob

XD kookie 

Everybody's talking about mistakes People make as a professional such as not working for free. But I'm just a hobbyist who is always willing to spew out free doodles. :)

Geeoh Neechuh 

They gave this talentless yuppy a comedy central show? Hmm, guess they're really scraping the bottom of the barrel.

Momo Akimichi 

instant thumbs up and subscribed :D

Candidly Speaking With Tinisha Brugnone 

Best advice ever!

SkankHunt 69 

I want you to die, very slowly. I think you're a satanic bitch. When you do die, I hope they throw your ashes in a heaping pile of crap. Disgusting human being Francesca.


Loved this video and your channel - SUBSCRIBED! Can't wait till you come speak at my school in October!

AZ Brooklyn Pete 

I've done the same. I hate social media but I'm well known for my work. Your tips, though "duh" moments have helped.

Brett Minster 

It took less than 16 seconds for her to mention her videos that are inherently racist.

Patricia Marquez 

CANCER is what this nasty bitch is.

Alec Risser 

An artist that's good enough will share their art freely, which will incentivize people to pay them for custom work. True art is done for one's self, and others will come if they like it.

Not Enough Space 


Richard Lawrn 

OMG how did I never watch this video before! In love with you! xx

Iris Bean 

I work for free only for my mom dad and siblings, everyone else needs to pay

Loïc Pêcheux 

> talks about race, I hate it

> talks about feminism, I hate it

> talks about art, I love it.

You remind me of a girl who was in my art class. We definitively were friends but never got to agree on anything