5 Amazing Things You Can Do In Adobe InDesign


Adobe Evangelist Terry White hosts special guest Dave Clayton and together they will 5 Amazing Things You can Do in Adobe InDesign and number three will blow your mind. If you're an InDesign user you don't want to miss this.

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Kamal Thakur 

I one paragraph has one line after that other page, I want shift in other page this paragraph automatically. pls help

Tim Balboni 

Some informative stuff but please in the future, use a script, cut the banter, get organized and edit it down. No one want to watch you try and find an image for 2 minutes. Get it together guys.

Andrew March 

Hi, folks. Could someone tell me how to Turn On this "Patient User Mode" when they moving image on 52:03?


I do not understand wdaht he said will be a good thing to she the key notes

Zoran Imsiragic 

Thanks guys! I knew most of it but some small things I learn. You could show whole range of double clicking on control points of a text frame. There are some other features. Shortcut Shift+Cmd+> / < works also in Photoshop and Illustrator.


Great to see you at Adobe Live Dave good to have a Brit representing our creative brilliance

Umx jacK 

Dave you the best.

Umx jacK 

Thank You Terry you such a precious treasure!

T Bajwa 

What is going on?- reliance

Анастасия Исаченко 

jeez tnx)


A great trick for clipping mask!


Awesome stuff! Thank you.

Faarax Shidan 

55 minute OMG

Ida Verstraten 

The tips are so great! Specially the textframe tip. Now I have put it as default in InDesign! You guys rock!! Greetz from the Netherlands. 😀👍

Andrea Willmore 

Thanks for some great tips. I'm sure the auto size text frame option doesn't work for linked text boxes because it wouldn't know when to stop the one and start the other. Probably why it's not the default as in design is essentially for multiple page, multiple linked text boxes documents. Will test it out tomorrow.

Lance Goy 

Wake up designers / photographers Adobe CC will hold your art for ransom for the rest of your life ! 0:01

Anita Wright 

Loved the shrink up text box tips! As I was playing around with it, I realized that you can do it in reverse as well. When you have the red cross text over-set icon showing, just double click the lower left corner to expand out, or better yet, double click the center bottom point to expand the box to where the text finishes.


Great job, as always!

Abdulrahman Qahtan 

when making auto-size with choosing no text it becomes the default for the document... I like it

Sweety Akther 

U only like to show ur face ....

Santosh Nirankari 

cool list and video guys. You two fit good together in a video.

Stacy Adderley 

plus I want to add the spreads to WIX or Behance

Stacy Adderley 

Hi Terry

Have a question regarding Exporting an 8-page spread in Indesign to a PNG or Jpeg into one file not all pages to become separate PNG files. Is there a way. I selected spreads while exporting but all pages are single page PNGs? Need help!

سمير الحكيم 

how translate arabic ..thank you for everybody.. im sorry im not speak english

Shantnu Tomar 

last text tips were amazing:)

Awadhesh Yadav 

Hi Sir,

Why Indesign endnote does not work when we export file as reflowable epub..?

Here is screenshot: https://www.dropbox.com/s/fr1mhm6gvpcacbt/Screenshot%202018-01-29%2014.36.23.png?dl=0

Eduardo Velado 

learned and laughed

Peter Dutz Manda 

Really awesome presentation. Thanks!

Heaven Renninger 

how do you make things pop

Carolyn O 

Absolutely fantastic video - they all are but this one hit just what I need right now

Furyy Night 

Great Video clip! Sorry for chiming in, I would appreciate your initial thoughts. Have you tried - Tarbbatigan ebook master Tip (do a search on google)? It is an awesome one off product for learning how to create an ebook without the normal expense. Ive heard some amazing things about it and my buddy finally got amazing results with it.

Bianca LF 

Hi does anyone know how to make a scrollable text box in InDesign? The latest version doesn't have folio overlay...it just has overlays and when I go through the process nothing happens...not even a preview option...any help would be greatly appreciated

Lisa Paskewitz 

Thanks to both of you for this great presentation.  I have also wanted to thank Terry many times for his excellent videos.  I've watched all of them I could find and they are so helpful.  He is that rare type of teacher that makes things clear, interesting and entertaining at the same time.

Lut Devroede 

Hi Terry

The Icon of the columns is gone. How can I put it back?

Myrto L 

Hello Terry! I really enjoy your videos and you have helped a lot learning InDesign! Could you please give us a tutorial showing how to make a gif in InDesign if it is possible? Or explain how to import a GIF from Photoshop? And could you explain the difference between exporting a GIF (in photoshop) from the "save as" option to the "save for web" and what is the difference between the gif 8 and gif 24? Thank you a lot in advance!



Miron Swyst 

Thanks Terry


I've wanted to thank Terry so many times for his videos on his videos but his comments are disabled so...thank you Terry so much for all your work!

Kristen Bourassa 

Just tested out the text frame options auto size with no documents and it does work! Who hoo!

Timothy Banks 

Is there the color theme tool in CS6? or is it only in CC? great video btw~ thank you!

Gerald Codrington 

I'm new to Photoshop. Good teacher, very educational.

Furniture Doctor and Design 

Awesome sauce...I seen someone else ask when you two are gonna do another! DITTO! I know it isn't planned but YES! Let's DO THIS!

David Hackett 

Thank you Terry + Dave. You guys are great together. When will you do another co-presentation? Learned a lot from you both.


Thank you guys.

Jean Seb Astienback 

omg! 25 minutes to explain ONE TRICK! blah blah

Bryan Grünauer Chagas 

10:50 shift+w to presentation mode

12:50 change the default font for InDesign, or just a specific document

17:30 opt+cmd+c collapse text box to fit text

19:20 cmd+b or edit> to auto-size the text box (it expands as you type)

25:20 cmd+opt+p or file>document setup to disable facing pages.

27:15 edit a single page size in a document

28:20 color-code pages

29:20 changing page preview size

30:20 using the color theme tool

36:30 licensing Adobe Stock images without leaving InDesign

38:40 enabling the Patient User Mode

40:30 importing the beginnning of a text to a different box

42:15 changing the default placeholder text

45:40 changing your pasteboard size

47:20 you can search a weight (not a font) in the font selection panel

48:40 cmd+shift+> to increase text size

49:10 transform text into a frame

50:40 make a compound path

Adam Neal 

Thank you for showing the auto fill text frame option! That is going to save so much time!

Ahmad Afif Isa 

thank you so much

Robert Harezlak 

Great tips! Thank U guys :D

Scarlet Tipton 

Yeah you are in Atlanta I am an Alantian myself. Moving back this summer.