5/20/18 | What Coupons Did I Get?


This week we are scheduled to get 2 inserts: 1-SS & 1-RMN. Be sure to check your papers before buying them....just making your sure your inserts are in them! I grabbed 4 papers this week.

Be sure to get all your awesome printable coupons like: Neutrogena, Schick & more: https://www.coupons.com/?pid=13903&zid=xh20&nid=10&bid=2003077811&cid=20171038~20238025~20231034~20231037~20246093~20207096~20207099~20207095~20196122~20236365~20236373~20241005~20241004

Aff. link

Grab your in-store list of these deals: http://savvycouponshopper.com/cvs-in-store-deals-video-520-526-hot-laundry-detergent-makeup-deals-more/

See what NEW at the Target Dollar Spot: https://youtu.be/BivV-CWRWxo

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5 MUST DO CVS DEALS 5/20 - 5/26: https://youtu.be/ms...

Jessica Janiszewski 

Is there a way to order coupons from chicago

Jessica Janiszewski 

no mms either

Jessica Janiszewski 

I also, didnt get the frutcis or noxema coupon instead, I got

Jessica Janiszewski 

maybe someone took my tena coupons out of 3 of the stores papers

Jessica Janiszewski 

I tried to say , unless it says limit of 2 identical per day, or limit 4 per perchase

but she said I was wrong, so, i couldnt use my coupon

Jessica Janiszewski 

Unfortunately when I told the cashier that 1 coupon per purchase means 1 per product, she said no it means 1 per day

Jessica Janiszewski 

my smart source here in milwaukee is different that yours, I tena those tena coupons

Anne Martinez 

Thank you 💖

Barbara Hamm 

I'm buying 2 papers. I've already printed Oxi q's 😋😋😋

Ana v 

Thumbs up!! TFS

Blue Cotton By Kammy 

Use the V05 at the dollar tree.

Saby Soto 

Would really like to see more Ibotta deals that compare with MQ coupons. Looking for MM deals, mainly.

Monica Miller 

Thank you!

lisa p. 

From the preview looks like I might be getting none. Not worth it especially with no RMN. Has Clairol always been short dated?

Norma Vasquez 

FYI , just checked my wags app and found a 5 off 15

Dora Ramos 

I will buy 2 papers

carolyn metzel 

I think I will only be getting 2 papers,,,,I have been couponing for about a month, and I have so much toothpaste, laundry soap, bodywash, shampoo and conditioners its funny, thanks to you!!! I will only be doing the makeup deals at cvs because I love trying makeup and reduced prices that I haven't used, thanks again!!!

Bev Yarusinsky 

I hope that I can find ANY! That oxi will be a callin' everyone! Didn't get a chance to get out today so will try tomorrow. Thanks girlie!

sm g 

Always look foward to your videos 😊 I haven't had the need to purchase newspapers in several months. Been getting by with printable and digital coupons and still managing to score some good deals.

karen jones 

hi, luellen! thanks for sharing the coupons! i wish there were more as i think we don't get inserts next week. i'm getting 2 papers for sure - i may get more. i need to review your early preview of the following weeks ad. i also checked the coming target ad and it is ok, not great, imho. i hope you are have a great day and i'll be up early for your new coupon alert. sleep well! ~k

Life with Lu 

Thanks! Since the paper i need (has all inserts) comes out Sunday it's great to see ahead of time what we'll get. Question! The wet n wild wonder gel polish qualified for the Wet and Wild cosmetic deal at CVS correct?

Anyd Ramirez 

Tfs my fave is the oxi clean this week 😃

Evangelyne Pangilinan 

I only got one insert retail me not. I bought 2 newspaper

Mercedes Stevenson 

Thank you for sharing, it is nice to know that I got the right amount of inserts in each paper ;)

Iliana Villagomez 

I did the Oxi Clean today at CVS it was free and a MM😊😊😊

Carol Mueller 

Getting 4 inserts! Thanks for sharing!

Olufunto Akinbode 

I got 4 and I got lucky one of my newspapers had 2 smartsources meaning I am getting 5 oxiclean tomorrow. Gonna have to split my transactions.

Doris Stephenson 

I am going to get four news papers that Ms Luellen

Grisel Echevarria 

Hi, can't hear you. Sorry.

jesse lucas 

should look into your local dollar tree they seal news paper for $1.00

Michelle Jones 

Our inserts are usually mediocre, so I'll get one on the way to church and if I like the coupons we get then I will buy another on the way out. I definitely need the Huggies coupons but if we don't get the oxiclean, I'll probably just wait and collect free inserts from my amazing neighbors!

Pam I 

I dont get the L'Oreal or Persil coupons in my area so just 2 papers. Fingers crossed we get some good printables. Thanks for sharing, Luellen.

Heidi Talley 

I’m getting only 2 probably

I’m always waiting 4 the P&G always get 4

Brea Pond 

I'm getting 4 for the Oxi coupon.

Tyler Macedo 

I'm getting 4

Jewel Denile 

I think I’m getting 2 newspapers this week. I’m happy for the ALL coups and the Wet n Wild. Time for some summer lipsticks

Dora Chavez 

Hi Luellen , do you buy Suntimes or Tribune or both, I went to dollar tree this morning but only had smartsource

Jewel Denile 

Ohh! Exciting, I’m the first...