4 Motorhome Travel Questions for Siren and Andy - Q & A #2


This video answers these questions:

1) Does Siren get bored traveling in the motorhome?

2) How did the Happy Jack bunk modification turn out?

3) What items could you not live without on the motorhome?

4) What's Andy like when the cameras are not rolling?

Andy's Favorite Popcorn Maker: https://amzn.to/2Q3GvWd

don hezca 

Andy has to be the funniest Man to be around.

Adrian Nurse 

How long has Siren traveled with you and why does she travel with you?

Soundmaster Blink 

Andy, What was ur first ever RV??

Sir David Hedden 

Andy Love your Videos So Informative, and can even come in Handy just Traveling across the country no matter what you are driving!! Siren Watched you Surf and your Music is Great !!!

Hector Rodriguez 

I was going to ask if you guys are a couple, but I guess by you sleeping on your bed and she sleeps on the bunk bed... that answered my question.

Bruce Moore 

Why do you two pretend this professional relationship? What a joke

Daniel Grosscup 

Hello. I noticed 5 cameras in front, why so many??

Ron Jessome 

Why does Siren not wear a seat belt? Not required?


Wow! ❤️ Great Vlog!

supercross junkie 

I want to know does Siren run around the bus in bra and panties lol. Great video

Timothy Kalio 

Hi, nice video! Could you please do a tour of your coach. With more showing

MrGrunthunter's Adventures 

Your 'Happy Jack' bunk mod is quite interesting. I've never seen one like that. Here's a few questions:

1.) Are you still using the RV Trip Planning Wizard and would you have any changes for it?

2.) Has your Garmin 770 given you any bad routing directions?

3.) Who is recording the outside video as you're traveling down the road?

4.) What dash camera are you using and would you prefer a different one?

5.) What is the intercom communication system you and Siren are using?

Safe travels

Mike, Merritt Island

Jason Carpp 

Question for both of you: What sort of music do you enjoy listening to while you're traveling? I like (Sir) Elton John, I like Mark Knopfler (Dire Straits), I like Pink Floyd, I like Joni Mitchell, etc. What do you enjoy while you're out on the road? :)

Ivan Plyler 

Noticed the notebook laying in Siren's lap vibrating a lot while running down the road. Is there that much vibration in the front end of your Prevost? Is it a tire out of balance?

Jason Carpp 

Good things to consider when you're traveling the country by RV.