3D Printed Human Tissue Created For Transplant


3D printing technology has reached new heights as researchers at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center have successfully printed living tissue using a new printer they’re calling the Integrated Tissue and Organ Printing System, or Itop, according to research published Monday in the journal Nature Biotechnology. Will scientists soon be able to construct fully functional human organs? We look at the breakthrough in regenerative medicine on the Lip News with Margaret Howell and Nik Zecevic.


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Fat Mann 

In 1997 the New England Journal of Medicines Chief Editor released early an article that said we have finally found a CURE for diabetes.  He said he was so excited that he had to release this article early.  What ever happened to this cure?If this 3d printer works and they say we will see it being used in ten years or less, then I doubt we will ever see it.  I don't know why but I have my own suspicions.