33- Libre Office - Calc, Open Office -- Calc, Excel Tutorial -- Add Hyperlink Index page


I found this hard to follow.

Is there more than one version of LibreOffice? My menu doesn't look the same as yours.


This is very useful.

Question: Say you have a massive Calc and need to jump between key Cells, how would you do so? How do you create a link (Hyperlink) that allows you to jump between cells, either within the same Tab or between Tabs.

This allows me to go between Tabs, which is great for massive documents, but doesn't help when I have 40+ Tabs, some of which have 10,000+ lines.

Thank you.

~ Nadrakas


You are welcome. Ubuntu is spoiling me as I purchased a 64 bit kit from Tiger Direct. With about 20 apps open, I have reached 2 GB of RAM until I start running Windoze in an Oracle VM, then my RAM goes right up.

Keep up the good work!


I'm glad my videos are able to help you out - Thanks for the comment.


I have started a love affair with Linux. I like Libre Office and these tips are great since I have been using Excel since '94, so it is not easy to see where goes what. Before that it was Lotus 123 with WYSIWYG :)



I do not know of any way to do a “go back” link - Sorry.


Hi !

Nice video.

Do you know if is possible to put a "go back" link ?

I mean, a link that go to where I come from.