The Sandbox Crew banded together and put on one of the baddest, most horsepower and payout rich mud races the south has seen in a LONG time! Huge props to everyone that came out, as well as the Leadfoot Mud Drags crew for hosting this awesome show!

Be on the lookout for more Cash Days racing in the near future...

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Hate to be the bearer of bad news but 30,000 hp is impossible without a jet engine


Personally I dont think it's worth the winnings. Basically someone does this because they love doing this. Not for profits that's for sure. That is why we see so many different setups and interesting moments in this sport. It has not been sold out into a business like NASCAR or the NHRA. Once that happens, the sport will be quickly ruined and killed. This event is just the beginning. If this continues we will no longer see huge mud rallies with everyone building their own creations, and the fun will change. Into a money run lame sport. How ironic.

الزئبق اﻷحمر RED MERCURY 


الزئبق اﻷحمر RED MERCURY 


Tab Adcock 


Brent Iaconelli 

Flat out the track has way to much water on it.... It should be mud. They are just hydroplaning

Mike S 

Need to impeach ad...

Nathan Stevens 

The video actually starts at 5:15, for those who don’t wanna sit through 5 minutes of talking and cinematics.

rc rc drone 

Realy Nice show 👍

Bui Thật 

what is this

Ислам Яндеев 

The best

Дмитрий Догадкин 

ебать Русские есть?

emi sanchez 

8:24 mi like

Larry Peer 

Dude your videos are so sick with it it's not funny I absolutely love them

J O E Y B E T S 

Don't you just hate all the dumbass morons who say stupid stuff like "you have no life" just bc you're into cars? Cars *are* our lives.

Freddy fazdear 



damn good music to from who is it

Christian Quinn 

I came here to see a truck not you counting money. Cut to the chase. Dummy

Mischa Pirat 


Heath Haas 

you know your pushing the limits when you see a s10 with a 400 pound engine in it

mr nerb 



I guess this is cool? I didn't know people actually put so much time money and effort into driving through 20 ft of mud.

Шамиль Раджабов 

Ничего не понял, но интересно

Dave Here 

6:40 had no windscreen! The lunatic...


the punisher got punished

Travs Newvids 

Stfu and show the trucks

Zeroskator1 Wanted 

Dont look at the comment section, it WILL make you lose brain cells.


Insane! Would kick ass in a quarter mile car

Aden Pierce 

Hell yeah we Mississippi boys know how to run that sorry excuse of mud on that short ass track lol good job to them all just need a longer track fuck my dad's 05 blazer in street tires could get through that shit

rebel mustangman 

im from nebraska

David Kline 

Why is there no mud in this mud bog?

Andrew Lang 

Take a shot every time the announcer says make some noise 😆

alan smlth 

I`m not impressed ,but the RIPSAW TRACK Machine is impressive.

Driver's life 

Hi all from Moscow, had long dreamed to meet you but cannot afford, raising her daughter disabled. My daughter also likes your car and the way you perform, she almost does not speak but her emotions I see a lot. If not difficult to give my daughter some help, much as you can, even $ 1 if someone will help, I know you are good people and always believe that the more good people, visa 4276380075281175 sincerely, Alexander


I wonder what the gear ratio difference is to run such large tires in the rear and small ones up front, like 5.88 to 2.97? some crazy ratio like that? Obviously not 2.97, those are totally highway gears, but you get my point.

James C. 

I guess regular drag racing is for “pretty boys” then? Lol

Holden fan 


poop noodle420Bruh 

30,000 horse pos ull have to replace something on afterwards


Jesus some of these things are beautiful

katy donawether 

The dude on the mic shod learn English at 8:17 😂 cant even speck clearly maybe he shod visit England for education purposes, No wonder US is a 3rd world country 😂 😂

snowy Universal 

9:04 is my dad truck

Its Hawk 

Put these trucks on some slicks and put them on the track, would love to see that

kimberly langevin 

momsmotorsports.info michigan mud

Jeff Floyd 

Been Better Instead Wasteing 5 minutes of Talking Show More Runs But Its Ur Video ???And The Announcer Is THE MOST ANNOYING PERSON ALIVE HOLY CRAP LOUD MOUTH IDIOT DAMN SHAME HAD MUTE EVERYTIME HE SPOKE

Don Gordon 

At 13:10, you forgot to say..."allrite, everbidy, y'all make sum noyeeze, here!".

Manda Ramone 

What is the instrumental in the beginning of the viedo?!?! Sounds badass

Benjie Fields 

That's not mud at all but nice trucks

Mr. Lumberjakn 

DAMN THAT IS AWESOME! Wicked turnout, amazing trucks! Very cool!

Jaime Mendez 

Es de lo mejor en deportes

San Diago 

Video starts at 14:55