3 Ideas for Affordable Family Housing in Vancouver


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Housing affordability is a hot topic in Vancouver and I wanted to take a few minutes to talk about it and throw out 3 ideas that could be implemented to solve this issue. I am a real estate agent in Vancouver and I know first hand how challenging it is becoming for families to live in this beautiful city. Let’s dive right into this. Here are the three steps that I would suggest:

1) Prefab housing. What is this this? Do you remember playing with erector sets when you were a kid? This method of building housing has been around for years and is being implemented in other parts of the world like Europe, China and Israel. It essentially allows construction to be fast, efficient and systematized by manufacturing construction components off-site and assembling those components using a crane and minimal labour. Steel frame and hollow core conc...

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Dan Hanna 

In my opinion, the focus of your video was not to find ways of increasing the supply of affordable housing, but instead to find ways to allow prospective real-estate customers to come up with the money needed to buy. There needs to be a link between "cost of housing" and "wages." As long as real-estate is viewed as an "investment for profit opportunity", the focus will be on money and not people.

Vancouver Real Estate 

Great ideas. 7 years - completely insane. How do people not understand basic supply/demand economics? Baffling.

Subhranil Jana 

Hello, I'm from India. I got a job offer in north vancouver. Is it possible to find a low cost room for staying in vancouver?


Dave, you forgot to mention "reduce property speculation"... When a real estate market diverges too far from market fundamentals (local wages) for too long there will be serious macro economic problems. It is called a ponzi scheme.