[3.5] The Best Maps to Shape/Elder/Run


Cmon bruh. Everyone runs best maps for div. Nobody runs maps with shit div cards lmao unless ur 100 hrs into the game.


How do you determine mob count in a map? To me the game only says "more than 50".

Jay M 

I love the videos, but I can't hear anything for a few seconds after hearing "jolems" or "altchemy". My brain just shuts down. That's a hard G in golem, and "chem" is as in "come". <Rewinding to hear what was said after "jolems">

Thanks for the vids!!!!


what is WRONG with your pronunciations?! you clearly have good english, and then you make all these straight up annoying mistakes. probably on purpose, but seriously. it makes your vids so hard to listen to.

Jackson Recoil 

I think one of the big things is that a lot of people will be doing underground sea. So will be easier to help sustain.

Eugene Coleman 

If anyone has issues with map brightness bothering your eyes, and especially if you're on the pc a lot, I would really advise a pair of gunnars or similar gaming glasses. I bought a pair years ago and it's been one of the best gaming investments I've ever made

Eugene Coleman 

Do you purposely misspronounce everything? Every video of yours I've watched there is at least one point where I'm like, joelums? Wtf is he talking about?


I did NOT know that only red sextants can give you those top tier mods. I'd been wondering why those were so rare.

Well, it was time to change my elder map. I need to do uber elder anyway...

Placek Plackowsky 

No Graveyard? LOL!

Super layout - especially for Breach, 3x Bosses, decent cards (3x random essences), decent monster pack size.

John Wick 

Estuary is 544..... not 600+ its not sustainable by any means.

Point Grey 

im new to poe, once u shaped the map with shaper's orb how do u find those maps shaped ? and can u unshape those maps once u shaped them?

Jack Hustle 

I'm running elder armoury this league. Decent layout, easy 1 phase boss, high monster density and best of all: up to 5 (!!) WHITE sextants


jardian, vale, sheisel, shavroony


I wish maps i shaped/eldered would actually drop for me...


Opulent card still drops in Haunties, sir

Chris Chiara 



I really like the rain in the background, subtle touch but much appreciated

Andrew Hanson 

thnx for the vid :)

Brandon Groth 

This league I am personally loving T10 Coral Ruins. It has one of the highest T10 mob counts, the boss is the Gemling Legionaries so the boss drops are pretty crazy (it is slightly phased as the captain is immune until all the others die). The layout is a little weird as it looks linear, but is actually better toured as a U shape where you hug a wall straight to the boss and then travel back to the start on the opposite wall. Using the shaped zana mod (6c - turns map into random rare) or shaping the map makes it a very solid T15.

Donald Trump 

I think Elder Excavation should be an honourable mention too and you should try one. The mobs are not as dense as UGS, but still above average. My char uses whirl and it is not that good for whirling blades, but better than UGS. The map is quite linear and square so almost no backtracking. The two bosses are very easy and if the map is vaaled, it can drop two frags. You might think the div cards suck, but they both(HP jewel and 20% quality corrupted gem) drop very frequently and they sell for at least 10 to 30 chaos orbs. Since the div cards are common, it is a reliable way of making profits too. And you can have all white sextants, which will save you a lot of currency. Sustaining has been great for me.

Jeffrey LeCours 

It's always raining and thundering where you live. WOW!


Where is channel?

Daniel Lee 

My favourite to run is underground river oops 😬

Ju Bo 

Just wondering can you still elder orb lets say Underground Sea and then Run like Elder Toxic Sewers to make the elder UGS drop more often?

gangsta59 5959 

I run pure breachstone map rotas for exp

CantVoteFor SED 

had lots of fun with courtyard.. good density, okayish layout, 3 bosses, good for breaches, good atlas postion


Wow they have changed RuneScape a lot since I last played it.

turtle born 

Whats a whale orb ?


I love the content and the videos.. But how you pronounce some words drives me crazy... Alchemy, Valkyrie, Chaos, Arc... seems like you love putting the "Chhhh" sound everywhere even when its "silent". Just a personal cringe from me...... other then that i love the content very informative


no excavation?




 to his


on cells


You are killing it recently with youtube content, I am proud of you.


whaaaaaaaaaaaaat you can rightclick the map AND IT ZOOMS TO IT ON THE ATLAS WHAAAAAAA




Where were you when 144p?

Harun Hrvacic 

I actually spent 36 mins watching this, nice vid ❤


I ran like 10 haunted mansions in a row and I'm pretty sure the Opulent card still drops there.

Mu Getsu 

11:14 you dont need a red for toxic sewers if you go for 4 sextants its 3 x white 1 x yellow(wharf)

Chr. Kre. 

Can you make a video about getting best way getting a Headhunter in 3.5. ?


I really like Desert Spring and Summit - Mob count and clear speed is really good now in 3.5


My personal preferences and gameplay experiences are different from yours. Explain yourself.


Man's Best Doggo is my favorite div card


I was wondering this literally just a second ago. Cutedog the savior.

rollo pollo 

Stop delaying the rimjob tutorial

Rafael Castro 

cutedog do you think t11 are easier to sustain or its better to elder it and run it as a t16 because its almost the same to sustain?


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