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Gallery apartment was established by artist, song e Yoon, to provide opportunities to artists entering the global art market.

CEO, Song e Yoon graduated from Busan national University in 2007 with a degree in Western painting. In 2010, she opened a gallery in Centum city, Busan, in modern and contemporary art. Two years later she expanded her activities to New York, solo show opening in New York City with New York minded gallery. In 2015, she made Gallery A in Busan. The Gallery A at Oryukdo sk view, Busan city. The Gallery Apartment program made exhibitions of contemporary art, as well as presenting works of Modern art.

Gallery apartment seeks new thing. In Art market, collected art work is limited such as painting, sculpture and ceramic. Art gallery's art work is remote in our life. But we will try to enter the real contemporary art work, new media, installation, conceptual art, at the space in your life. You can see installed the visual effect like in your home. As well as the g...

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