3.1 Autobomber Update: Map Farmer


Quick update from 3.0 to 3.1 -- Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/cutedog_

alira for bandit

https://pastebin.com/V7pQFMWR POB LINK


Channel:  CuteDog_
Sadboy Sadboy 

300 ex + destroying videocard for shaped strand ) ye, fun, but before fun, U FCKIN NEED 300-400 EX

Oleg Rahmanin 

Does this work for 3.3?

Dreamr Six 

i wish they would do runs withtout HH

Peter CoLD 

But this build is so expensive in beastry right now, how about the poor ? :/


stop talking and just show me your gears.

Jack Gauci 

Is this HC viable?

I am just looking to do mainly the acts and up to T6 would be bonus.


question. Do herald of thunder needed to support shield charge?


Sorry guys, my english is not the best, and i have not understand the bandits, i kill them all?

Nicholas Harris 

id like to know what my best options for gear are for standard?

im thinking esh mirror, hh, choir of the storm, 1 opal, 1 diamond with sin, tempest binding?, calamity obviously, weapon?, and then 16% more as gloves? that sound about right? trying to go for most damage vs ok damage and most speed

jürgen menscher 

Ur eyebrows looks like a Brush from my Work witz witch im Bridging the oily dirt under my fingernails


what is the vaal breach for? i dont really get it - please enlighten me


How do you start out for this build? Like which skills to use for leveling etc

Sávio PGL 

I dont know use pasterbin xD

Send link from ur account user

John John 


Ole Aase 

Does the jewel mod critical strike multiplier to elemental skills work with Heralds? Struggling to find the answer to this.


so any thoughts on the necessity of cospris malice? thinking about swapping it with a poet's pen for the ability of 100% chance to cast spells and +1 level of gems

Alex Scott 

Bored of my windripper TS Build. Have a head hunter and the armour 6L. Should I try it or do I need to spend another boat load of ex to get like this ?


Which weapon should we use? The POB link or the video?

Baptiste Wicht 

I'm trying this build on Abyss. Mobs are dying like they aren't there, but very very long to take down the boss (shaped channel) even with vaal breach, sometimes the breach is over before the boss :( Could someone take a look at my char (https://www.pathofexile.com/account/view-profile/wichtounet/characters MBison_Auto_Bomber) and see if I did something really wrong ? I haven't enough for Empower 4 or HOT 21, but they are probably my next expense. What do you think ?


what is that huge book on his back? is that a micro transaction? where can i get one.


why did you private your profile on poe website? I was looking up the character there :^(


You need a forums guide.. Leveling guides are way easier for newer players like myself. Videos assume we know whats going on. Awesome build though.

My Rage is OP 

Will the good ol' Doryani's be much worse if I just want to have a pure running build without shield charge? I hate it and with my shitty internet server always rolls me back with it. And 2 Doryani's or 1+ Esh's Mirror?


Hey Cutedog thanks for this build like it alot! But what items would you change if you were playing on standard (for example things like tempest binding are avaible). And how would you link your gems if you were going for tempest binding since your 3.0 was using it but is kinda outdated though!

Jonatan Leo 

Hey bro, do you have this build in pastebin for POB?


Do you think i can run your bulld with like 20 ex budget


How do you deal with bosses if you can't pop Vaal Breach? Single target is pretty bad if you don't have accuracy to proc Glacial Cascade with Shield Charge.


What bandit did you go for?

Eniol Abreu 

where you high when you made this videos? So stock between mechanics :)


How about putting more shit on the screen. There are still some pixels you see from the game.

Wind of change 

This build gave my eyes cancer

Kim Pedrini 

Can i make this build with 2EX and a 5 link work ?


How or where do you get the vaal breach gem??


I made "this" build with 20ex investments and it's very easy to die with and also has shitty single target so you must have vaal breach to kill bosses and I doubt it can kill bosses higher than t12 for the duration of vaal breach :/


which bandits ?


Are you using zana breach on strands / channels ? worth or go for beyond / bloodlines

Daniel Lykke 

no lvl guide ?

or guide the is detailed


sadly no build link ;( but looks fun, nicely made ! :)

Gaming Power 

I very much dislike everything about the way cutedog choses to play poe - from the builds to the maps and shaping and the general ideology, but I genuinly like the guy as a person so I'll keep watching his content


ssf hc viable

Reidan lol 

10,000 ex build to farm T1 maps wow

Amot Anly 

no PoB?


I feel like the cost of this build would never return it's value in farming.


Im fairly new, can someone explain where the green balls are coming from when he shield charges?

Bp_O Bp_O 

Nice build and video :) , what kind of lootfilter are u using ? really nice lootfilter , may i / can i use your lootfilter or do you have a download link . keep up the good work , thumbs up


this is a completely skewed image of the path of exile economy, you will not be able to run this build at this speed unless you have 150 ex lying around


Nvm found it!!


most players that have a headhunter dont need build guides and most players that need build guides wont get a headhunter maybe swap it out just for people to see what builds are like without it. I mean almost any build is viable with one kind of defeats the purpose of showing off your set up.


I love there budget league starter builds.

ginko the mushishi 

"That's all byeee!

I'm going to highlight that and export it to YouTu..." cutedog 2018