2Pac Backstage at MGM Grand Casino, New Shots in HQ Footage before Scuffle


This is an excerpt from The Defiant Ones, check it out on HBO! an excellent documentary.

This new moments of footage of Pac in the MGM that fateful night also show Suge Knight's henchman Alton โ€œBountryโ€œ McDonald in the white outfit and maroon hat (Mob Piru)

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Will Tolliver 

Suge knight should have stop Tupac. This was not his fight. He would have been alive today damn!!!!! RIP

Uri Hoch 

You can here the dude yelling at Orlando "do something " after he spots him alone while the whole mob is there 0:04

Uri Hoch 

You can here the dude yelling at Orlando "do something " after he spots him alone while the whole mob is there 0:04

Terrence PERKINS 


Riza Mahmoud 

La la la la la la la all u niggas die as Jimmy lovine speaks. Tht shit was alil erie to me when I watching it then the next episode started wit them introducing Slim Shady lol the rap game changed drastically after death row. Tht open the door for bullshit rap they took advantage of the rap game after they created an environment for us to destroy it so they can come "save it" and turn it into what it is now smh strait garbage compared to then


Where's full footage everything is edited and why?????


2 pac is really stupid started a fight Orlando is just standing there doing nothing at all

Luke Skywalker 

No disrespect to Pac, BUT imagine that Pac jumped at Anderson just because he was snortin cocain. That would be really fucked up.

Jonatas Lopes 


Noah Odondo 

Tupac was kinda tall....I mean he almost eye to eye with suge

Zamokuhle Bhekinkosi 

Pac was on the time of death but this video how happy he was

Henry Adams III 


Jacob Makavelian 

Suge says: 'Tupac my brother, that's him..'

Listen closely

Zaiden Capone 


House Of Ayala 

Orlando anderson was hired by puffy.

He was instructed to be near tupac so that Pac could see him and attack.

Pac knew puff was hiring these goons to follow him.

So Pac attacked. The whole chain snatching story is false.

An out for puffy.


This commie faked his death.

Shorty Beats 

they had to kill the one with the creativity pac why didnt they kill just suge

Clayton S 

Foda pa Krai

Black Magic 

List who voice this is frfr

Tho Ziggy 

Tupac said he's favorite color is gold and dated favorite color land him to his death. Damn


1 year

Andy Aguilera400 

2pac beat him up

kamey Kamey 

Baku hello

Joรฃo Victor 

Tupac king of rap

Conspiracy Jerz 

What happened to the rest of the color clip. When he walked off fast did the fight break out rite then ND there

Benjamin Aranda 

thats crazy !!


Lmao he never walked off and BOOM the fight happened. That never happened, Iโ€™m certain that came later

family man 

I wonder what tupac is looking at and what are the other guys are not looking at is the question I have?? And frank should of protected tupac better that night at the mgm imo RIP frank & Tupac

Ngom Mamed 

I heard tupac , suge & some bloods already saw orlando anderson at the mgm grand they was saying some few words to each other then that's when tupac, suge and some bloods was following him then that's when tupac came at him and punch anderson then they jumped him lol

Ja'ron Henry 

Once in a lifetime ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

John Rambo 

What's the song I the background?

Jacob Glenman 

2pac made a VERY big MISTAKE SMFH


he was fruity AF


Damn It crazy how I love someone who doesn't know me

Joe Ricci 

If he didn't act like a hoodlum and just went on to the Club like he was suppose to, Him and Biggie would probably still be alive today

hustler Khan 

Most overrated and ignorant rapper in history. He went backwards toward gang life. His bullshit is responsible for biggies death.

Kevin Jackson 

Is that notorious big??? 0:16


I thought Site had on a colorful sweater. If Pac would have never met Suge he'd still be alive!!!

denzel washington 

When 2pac and Suge were together, they were really out of control !!! lool

Bullet Club Oz 


Da' Range 

Thug Life

Dennis powers 

Name of the song?

ู…ุณู„ู…. moslim ุตุญูŠุญ sahih 

pac was serounded by to many snakes

Hidden Scriptures 

This is a lie, set up to cover his death. Tupac didn't have no fight, they fought around him and this was the cover up to make it seem as the cause of his death.


That guy that played 2pac worst actor In history


M.O.B. !

Arnold Rothstein 

how is the beginning of this footage better quality then 2006 youtube general footage ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Nick Vasco 

Song - troublesome


Never saw this before! Cool


Those walls still look the same lol