28" Solo Pizza Challenge!! Restaurant Fails to Give Advertised Reward?!?!


For this challenge, I decided to take on the 28" solo pizza challenge at Benny Deluca's. The restaurant advertised a $500 reward for completing the challenge, but they did not fulfill their end of the deal. According to their waiver, competitive eaters are ineligible for the $500 prize and they reserve the right to their own definition to what a competitive eater is. The management at the restaurant contacted me the next day, and told me that they would not give me the prize since they considered me a competitive eater for engaging in other restaurant challenges. This was very disappointing to say the least, and I would be very weary if you decide to take this challenge on....

Channel:  Darron Eats
william polson 

Benny delucas. Charlottesville va.

dean farinha 

They should have used the $500 to repaint those walls.

Kevin Peck 

Awesome $500 completion which you did deserve!

The management used Anal Knit Pickin to avoid awarding you the $500.

Philip Jennings 

ohhh....rhen I apologize...sorry...still you did a hell of a job..

Philip Jennings 

The official rules are on the website, if you have taken other challenges or eat competitively you only have 15 min. know what you're getting into before you do it and stop all the damb crying.

Warren Rose 

First off sorry you don't get it but at the same time the pizzia you sleeping isn't the challenge 🍕 and you are not allowed to stand up and eat. Second thing if you do the man verse for at restaurants that makes you a competitive eater contact or not.

Tonny Tang 

I thought the pizza challenge has meat on it

Matty Dutton 

That's garbage they wouldn't pay you out for winning .. Some places are just plain idiotic and I guess they didn't want to lose any cash ugh .. Great job on dominating that Pizza though! 🤘🤘

Robert Smith 

Like your videos dude but I've always considered you a competitive eater, what difference does it make if you're eating against other eaters or a clock, it's still competition.

Frank Y 

Bro that's B.S. What's the name of that place we will boycott it.


welldone ..never mind..you nailed it man.. shit head restaurant owner..

Elisa Villanueva 

That's very upsetting and not fair 😞 sorry they didn't play fair. But congrats on devouring that pizza like a champ! #beastmode 🙌🏽😘

Awab elmahe 

Pretty impressive to finish this in 20 minutes only. I have seen another video of yours where soloed another 28'' pizza, but it took you almost an hour. Any reason for the huge discrepancy in time?


No offense, but you're not top bright thinking you'd win in court. Look up the contest rules, and it clearly states that competitive eaters, or all aspiring competitive eaters have 15 minutes to complete the challenge. They didn't fail to deliver anything.

Aem Logicx 

Get over it bro!


Dude regardless of their seriously bullshit claim...I dont know if this is Bennys or not but we have one where I live and they do 28" pies and the fact that you took that thing down is impressive as shit for a non CE. Im usually feeling pretty heavy after a slice.

Mags Rai 

damn shame. keep smiling :)


I have to agree with the restaruant. you do many challenges at different restaraunts competing against their records thus you are a competer. disappointing but it's pretty clear to me what the rules stipulate. at least you beat it and presumably got the meal free?

Rikers Beard 

An absolute outrage. You should have taken these scoundrels to court!

Carlye Fenner 

I'm sorry to hear that. Total BS! Like what you said, you are not a competitive eater & you're not signed with any eating organizations, so I don't understand what their problem was?? Oh well, awesome job completing the Pizza Challenge! :)

Niko kleint 

I'm sorry bro


Sounds like 1) You are a CE is you WIN! 2) You are NOT a CE if you lose! Heads they win, tales you lose.

Adam Boone 

what location did you visit? This is ridiculous


That Bull shit

WWE Forever 

wait a minute! is this real? How can I do this? I need to study this art. Darron can you please tell me your secrets? I will pay if necessary. Thanks for reading. -Ricky


Order 500 pizzas to a Walmart

Big Eater Mike 

Hate to hear that Darron. Great job killing the pizza though!

michael kay 

welcome to the new cheesy america. does trump have any vested interest in that store.

Eric Flatt 

Just subscribed your awesome!!! Think they should of payed u that's BS!


Take them to small claims court. Guaranteed you will win this.

Evan Paul 

How do you put it all down without putting on fat 😂 must do a lot of cardio!