2020 Ford Explorer, FCA to Pay Big Diesel Fine - Autoline Daily 2509


0:27 Ford Reveals the All-New 2020 Explorer

1:58 Ford & VW to Announces Alliance in Detroit

2:14 Ford to Make Big Cuts in Europe

2:40 JLR Slashing Jobs in the UK

3:43 Valeo Makes Trailers Disappear

4:15 Hyundai Improves Driving for Hearing Impaired

5:18 FCA to Pay About $650 Million in Diesel Fines

Story Links:

- Ford & VW Alliance: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-volkswagen-ford-alliance-exclusive/exclusive-vw-ford-to-reveal-deeper-alliance-next-week-sources-idUSKCN1P3204

- Ford of Europe Restructuring: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-ford-europe-turnaround/ford-europe-to-slash-thousands-of-jobs-in-turnaround-plan-idUSKCN1P411J

- JLR Job Cuts: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-jaguarlandrover-jobs/jaguar-land-rover-to-cut-thousands-of-uk-jobs-after-china-diesel-slump-idUSKCN1P40LJ

- Valeo Trailer Technology: https://youtu.be/iYGZYUxm88o

- Driving for the Hearing Impaired: https://www.hyundai.com/worldwide/en/news/news-room/news/hyundai-motor-group-reveals-life-changin...


Ugly facia...


It looks like a BMW so I won't buy it

David Pate 

That screen is...gopping. Definitely not fung shui. 1:18


Ford has a big winner w/new Explorer, especially because it's on a new RWD platform; handling characteristics will be vastly improved for drivers who know what they're doing (sadly, most don't!!!).

Marcos Davila 

Excellent video

Donald Megahan 

It’s not hearing impaired. It’s “deaf” or “hard of hearing.”

Rambler Andy 

What Sean didn't mention about Jaguar, amongst all the diesel job cuts, is that Jaguar are investing heavily in their electrical line-ups in the UK. They are going to become an all-electric vehicle [with some hybrids, it's true] producing company, with the idea to follow Tesla. Announced on UK mainstream news this evening.

Scottish NS Rail Fan 

More dieselgate


https://youtu.be/CT3JxQlpuyE?t=106 looks like this new Ford is leaking oil already.

The Biker Bug 

FCA sounds like the VW Diesel Debacle sooooooo why no huge uproar?!

Matthew Douglas 

What have Ford done? How on earth did the Explorer get signed off? The front grill is horrendous and the vertical infotainment screen look like an afterthought.


That upcoming show with David Twohig from BYTON should be very interesting. David Twohig previously led the engineering team in the development of the Renault ZOE which is currently one of the top selling BEV models in Europe. He was also the chief automotive engineer of the high-performance vehicle unit at Renault, where his team developed the Alpine A110 which revived the luxury roadster brand Alpine for Renault.


Ford helped Hitler, so a Ford -VW alliance makes sense...

Stephen46 xre 

The fine for FCA is a joke. They did virtually the same as Volkswagen with almost the same quantity of affected cars. Volkswagen had to pay 25 billion USD. FCA will get away with 700 million USD which is a bargain compared to Volkswagen.

Luke Rinderknecht 

1:23 k, I'm a fan of the screens that float on top of the dash (ex: Mazda) but that vertically mounted one seems like it's popping up wayyyyy too far for my taste.

Aurora Jones 

I think it looks to much like the outgoing one. Subaru did the same thing w/ the Forester. To much of the same. All new? Could have fooled me it totally looks like a new fascia only. All the hardpoints look the same! Im sure it really is all new but wow not impressed at all. At least they did a fantastic job w/ the Aviator.

Klasse Act 

ST means nothing now!


I'll be a first post of the day, since I'm a first to see this vid ;)