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Bible Liberation Movement 



OMG! The base model is $50,000. That's a lot of money for an ugly kit car. And the original 1979 Supra was an  inline 6, so Toyo can't come up with anything other than a 1979 engine? People are calling this a BMW.  No way!  This is an Edsel. And they took the roof from the Dodge Viper!!!

TranQuiL Spirit506 

Stupid Toyota 🤢

Expansive stupidity

Stephen Mason 

How is it that the two sports cars made by the largest car company in the world are a Subaru and a BMW?

Matt Campbell 

I think Toyota has a huge loss at hand. This is toyotas Mitsubishi eclipse cross


It looks like a supra if I tried to draw one. And I can't draw for toffee.

Seriously, did the designer sketch this on a napkin, left handed while drunk on Mugi Shochu? It's proportions are terrible !

Mikey Tyson 

Enthusiasts are looking for a Mk4 2.0, whether its V6 or whatever doesn't matter. This looks achingly awful. Its like Kevin Levrone's failed Mr. Olympia comeback, ALL HYPE. What happened to the FT-1 smooth and sleek flowing lines? Why are they using cheap front vents that are worse than a KIA? Why have so many side and front panel gaps looking like a China made Geely? It will fail. The GTR evolved gradually til the R34 275/330hp into a monster to exactly what fellow enthusiasts want with their earlier mods. The same with Ducati sportsbike as well as Harleys, which all evolved into the ideal image, technical specs, branding and power that enthusiasts are looking for.

Yes, perception matters, name matters. Those who argue and keep harping about its original 'stock' intent being a family coupe, collaboration and all that BS is missing the point, Toyota should do likewise and not going backwards, like South Africa.Talking about its positive aspects is completely meaningless in this regar

Harley Teng 

this new Toyota supra the body style is looks just like ford mustang. .crazy


There goes toyotas motor reliability....


I am stoked for the Supra's return and I waited a long time for this but damn it Toyota if this thing isn't reliable in the long run. The haters are gonna roast it.



Constantine Joseph 

The fan boys will be the ones watching the videos as they are always fawning and being voyeurs and will populate 90% of the commentaries.

But the REAL consumer fact is, people who work and play hard, are well to do Gen X and Millennials don't give a rats ass about fanboy laments who can't afford a price range above 30k.

You will be proven wrong because if you think consumers are so called "stupid" they will certainly sell like hot cakes because generally the public, excluding over active enthusiasts, find comfort in a proven 6 cylinder turbo that will give the fun they are looking for, want that exclusive styling without the very common kidney grille of a BMW and is cheaper than a 6 cylinder BMW z4 m40i by 15k.

You will be shocked that there will be plenty who will buy this and populate the roads. So its time to move on and if you don't like the Supra, don't buy it. The future is small engine turbos and if you're waiting for that mid size engine NA highly tunable monster that

Jun Lugod 

Bad design decisions. Who will buy this crap? I used to be a 90's Supra fan. But this 2020 version is a disappointment

kobe bryant 

Go back to the drawingboard. Or give us the ol concept design back with longer and wider wheel base

Nhyan Ali 

This car is the middle finger to all the supra fans!




Miss the ft 1 headlights, cleaner, sleeker.

im jeff 

This car so truely great

Ntse_ Laiv 

only 335 horsepower!!! 4.1 sec 0-60 MPH! that's slow the new camry 3.5 v6 xse can do that too

Joe Sinegal 

The FT1 Prototype Was Awesome! The Production Model Is A Piece Of S..t!!! Toyota Should Have Followed Lexus With The LC500 And Produce The Supra More Along The Lines Of The Prototype! People Were Expecting Something Closer To The GTR In Performance And Toyota's Produced A Girly Car Made By BMW! I Think It Will Be A Huge Failure!!!

Victor Valera 

Why does it look like the BMW Z4 from the front and sides ?!?!?

Jairo Castellanos 

I will get it ONLY if Toyota makes it with 6 speed manual transmission...!

Frank McGrath 

Unbelievable! This is the design of 2006 BMW Z4 Coupe!

Indra Adrianto 

Finally it's here... The All New 2019 BMW Z4 Supra Edition

Other TechLead 

Take my money!!!

T-HOX AutoReview 

Yes BMW Supra 2019

Ginja Man 

Just go buy a used Gt86 platform and do a 2jz swap. Imo that's the real mk5.


RIP Supra :(


2019 Supra is DOA. No sub 4 seconds 0-60mph time, no targa top/sunroof, no stickshift fun, no Toyota reliability, no flat bottom steering wheel, no lineage also because Supra was 4 seats not 2 seats.

Ugly stuck on iPad as the center console sticks out like a wart.

Stupid cupholder is in the center console blocking one's elbow so who's bright idea was that?

Wireless Apple Carplay is HORRIBLE in the BMW because it's laggy between the picture and the mouth.

No, Toyota fked up with the new Supra. Toyota has so many engines in its lineup to choose from, it could have used the Lexus RCF's engine.

Toyota is fucking it up again by making the Supra anemic compared to the competition, just like it did with the FRS/86/BRZ.

I want to like the new Supra but I am just so disappointed that in 5 years at the same price of $55k, Toyota FAILED to make a 2019 Supra better than a Corvette that has been out since 2014.

ven the Supra's top speed is only 155 mph whereas the base Corvette Stingray that'

Victor Alves 

New Mazda MX5? Lmfao. The 98 Supra are best (2jz) and most beauty.



Tony C 


Most Likely 



You lost me at "flip up spoiler"

george luckaas 

Only nice thing about it is the engine


Canada Price ????

Bumble BeeYaj 

I love the new 3jz motor.

John Chaney 

Why couldn’t they have partnered with Lexus BMW is so far left??


It’s a single turbo..

kaox44 deleted 

Beautiful...but no manual.



W D 

Looks like a Mazda with an aero kit, what a complete fail across the board.

craig mc 

What a Pile



Wail alwaili 

335 hp my Audi s3 8v is faster 😂😂😂 what a joke


All I see is 2006 BMW Z4 Coupe.


so ugly

H D 

The only weak part of that car is the unreliable BMW engine and transmission, what a bad choice! At the same time will be the selling point for BMW lover and other people that believe that BMW build good reliable product... I just hope that Toyota force them to put at least the oil dip stick on this engine, so if the oil level sensor fail (which it will) you can still check the oil with the stick :) what a disaster!!!

joshua hoppe 

Well at least the gtr concept lived up to the gtr an the gtr has more aggressive body lines. Unlike the concept ft1 an the new fr.... I'm mean "supra". 50k yea I'm going to get a 450hp base model Corvette or mustang or Camaro or anything else that isn't over priced frs. Like come on the Kia, a freaking kia stinger gt out performs for what its priced.