2019 CFP winner press conference: Swinney, players


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Johnny B 

Reporter: "Coach Swinney, I know this question will fly way above the heads of most of your fans, but how do you account for our nation getting so excited about a football game victory, but having so little excitement about the one thing you relish more; a relationship with Jesus Christ?" What do you think this says about our priorities?

prince is my pitbull 

Clemson and Alabama players are on steroids and paid players


CU next year, Nick!

Shawn Lyons 

The only bad part about it now we are going to have 2x the “fans” next year from the band wagon boom.........from birth to man I’m always a tiger fan


Best CFB comment seen today: by Bruce Allen Smith: "Clemson still hasn't played anyone"...

Martin Smallwood 

Where's ol' Pam and the Crowing cock at?

Jaret Thacker 

Even Dabo thinks he’s Sunshine. I’m dead. 😂

Bill Easterlin 

We're Baaack!

Avery Morgan 

So proud of "lil ole Clemson"

Bryn & Paul Stevens 

Dabo is da man! Thank you all players and coaches for your hard work.

Travis Vandroff 

I want to hangout with his family just at least one time before I Die Love This Guy Please

Travis Vandroff 

We Going Missed you Renfrow We Love You Boi

Travis Vandroff 

We Did It


What an amazing day and an amazing win. One of the most glorious days in the history of the program!

Gregg Larkin 

I want to thank this team..Thank You. As a fan from birth what an amazing game. Dabo your a great coach and I think its awesome you praise the Lord publicly. I have to agree this team is blessed and has been and will continue to be a blessing to us fans..Great Job!!


I was thinking Sandra Bullock for Mrs. Kathleen lol

Danny Smalls 

Clemson Tigers Nation! We all should be very proud, to be Clemson Tigers fans. Awesome job and a awesome Blessing of a year for Clemson Tigers football!

Sarah Black 

Clemson is a modern Juggrnaut and will be as long as Dabo keeps em grounded. It all starts with papa Tiger and hes a great man outside of football as well as on the field. Well deserved Clemson. #Allin

Barry W. Kay 

Go Tigers! Proud of them!

M Allen 

some of these questions are not great

Jason Scott 

Duh....get Chadwick Boseman (the Black Panther) to play Trayvon Mullen.....he is from Anderson SC - give him a call! Go Tigers!

Whitney Meade 

It's a great day to be a Clemson Tiger!

Knight Hawk 

Happy Birthday Dwight! That was for Dwight, CJ Fuller, Big Dex, Brandon, Zach, & every lost Tiger FAMILY MEMBER! RIP to every loved & every lost former Clemson Tiger before us! Congratulations to The Best Collegiate Football Team In History! And Clemson is most certainly a DYNASTY! 55-4 w/ 4 ACC Titles, 2 National Titles, & many more accolades! And all NFL scouts were drooling last night over Trevor! Trevor is a once in a lifetime caliber Quarterback. People finally witnessed what we’ve seen for a while now! And most of all, I’d like to also dedicate this incredible VICTORY to both of my brothers, who unfortunately are no longer with us 😞. Both former Clemson Alumni, & one who played when Dabo was still just the WR Coordinator from 99-03’ as a

“Walk-On” for Clemson University! 15-0 ALL IN FOREVER DV7 & Tyler! We love you & miss you! That was for your old team! And The Best Is Still Yet to Come! See You At The Top!