Jerry Bell 

Camera out of focus on the cards.

Dan Walls 

I just stumbled onto your channel today...nice job. My one request is could you please do a recap at the end of your video of the hits? Thanks!!

Blue Point Juniors 

Justin bour refractor

Red Sox Walk Up 

Rafael Devers is my PC. Nice break

Jacqueline Morris 

horrible focus

Marc Vaillancourt 

Nice vid girl. Im collecting those devers 35th anniversary cards lemme know if you want to get rid of it. Thanks

Stephen Decambre 

I love this video!!! Thank you so much @baseballBabe for uploading a well-quality video that reaches out to girls that baseball card collecting can be extraordinarily fun and entertaining!!! Keep those box breaks coming #baseballcardBabe

constipated in sin city 

Do you like Bruno Mars?

constipated in sin city 

How hot is it a girl who likes and knows sports cards ??? I made sure my daughters got into collecting cards and comics! I have a question for you who's your favorite players and teams!

Samantha K 

Never been to the National, just getting back into the hobby, so i want to go to the national next year


Nice break! I think Baseball Card Baby wants to bust some Chrome! LOL

BigMarv 33 

A lot of great cards like the Freshman Flash. Meadows has potential, too bad they traded him to the Rays. Yeah you pronounced Keuchel's name correctly.


Austin Meadows is a really nice one to hit! Fun chrome break Jenn!

Ethan's Elvis covers and more! 

Nice KB!

Dragons Lair Terrain 

Nice pulls. I just started doing youtube videos and collecting cards as well. Looking forward to the rest of your breaks!

Passion 4 Cards 

Nice opening box Jenn you are off to a great start with chrome looking forward to seeing all the breaks!

Meaghan O'Callaghan 

Hanley 😢

jason parker 

was commenting on another page earlier today that i have to turn volume down on most every one of these box breaking channels...except 2 maybe 3...reason being is the sour grapes, sense of entitlement these foolz have...if they don't get the super short print mini refractor die cut relic auto sn #2/10, they act as if they were robbed...and yes, I've made some money from card collecting and plan on making more, but i don't feel like i am owed x'number of hits...plus, i don't think they can guarantee anything that can be effected by human error...anyway,you guessed it. you're channel is one i can actually listen to and hearing your kid tonite just doing everyday things let's us know you're not shoving it down his or anyone else's throat..tells me there is a genuine personal interest in the hobby and that's diggity-dope baseball card chick..lol be good and deuces to you and pham.....


jamisons cardboard 

Love the Jameson Tallion.... Lol

jamisons cardboard 

Hey how r u?yes we r back... We had to get a new connection and channel, alot has changed, thank you for subscribing to our new channel, love the new Topps chrome

Obiwansonobe Cards 

Solid box! Love that chrome!

SplitRock Gamer 

Baseball card baby adorable! Made the video


Can u give a jumbo box away pls lol

Weezy's Sportscards & Activities. 

Nice break. Hope you pull a Crazy Auto in your next videos! Come visit Globe Life Park in Arlington one day... GOOD LUCK BABE!!👍🏼🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀


enjoy every box!!! my few should arrive Tuesday!! Love the five autos.. doesn't even matter who I get lol. lol Hoskins as your first Chrome? really? editing the more I watch.. the RC's are on TOP? so wierd.

L Myers 

Will have to get a box now. You really make it fun. Your always excited and have fum with it. Thank You.

Matt G 

Love this product

Randy Moore 

That Kris Bryant refractor is a variation! Nice box and can't wait to see the other 3. My box is still in transit but I am also stoked about chrome!!

Aaron From Winchester 

I'm a Didi fan too.


Great Break, but what I've seen with Topps Chrome are low numbered color cards and low end auto's. I've had tremendous luck with color, autos,numbered and great looking cards from Donruss Optic Retail and Mega Boxes.

Edmund Dobry 

Not enough color like previous years. Kinda disappointing. My jumbo box is on the way, kind of happy I didnt buy the case.


Nice Break...good luck with the other four boxes!!

Marc Davis 

Little Baseball Card Babe. You have to let mom open her Chrome. Lol

Baseball Card babe those are some interesting inserts. Refractors are not what they were in 1993. If you pulled a Nolan Ryan then you would have scared the little one.

Great video.

Send my regards to Mr Baseball Card babe

world star 

you are very disciplined only to open one box a day.I couldn't do it.thumbs up.

The BrahjCast 

those cards look amazing! thanks for sharing Jen!

Baseball Fanatic 

That is cool. thanks for the info on were you got your cards. l'm going to try them out. on my next order.

Bigfoot Breaks 

Thanks for posting. I did a video of Chrome Jumbo and had middling returns but at least had a Blue Wave auto. Haven't seen anything very good pulled yet.


Very nice break! Love the meadows auto, was sad to see him leave Pittsburgh. Yes, Chicago is a great city as well. Maybe see you then! Look forward to the rest of the breaks.



Sorry kid down the street. LOL

Al Bundy 

nice looking cards. i like this product. good cards and great video😀

Jose Romero 

Awesomeness !!!

Riven wood 

https://www.tradingcarddb.com/Inserts.cfm/sid/169203/2018-Topps-Chrome This site i use to build my set has everything of each sets each year.


When I saw pictures of these I wasn't too happy about them but seeing them on video they look 1000 times better. Definitely gonna grab some of this stuff, I also love the Chrome. Great video!


Nice video! love these cards, hoping to get some mystelf, hoping to get some rangers out of mine

Riven wood 

You have to put your daughter on the show.

Riven wood 

One of the problems with Topps Chrome often the cards are pulled damaged these cards are just too fragile of card. I use to collect T-Chrome but there were too many damaged card I was sending back handful of there damage cards. back to Topps didn't care if I got any cards back.

Joe RyanFan30 


Riven wood 

Auto's are low end players haven't seen one high end player yet, good luck Hon.

YoSoy Pops 

sorry kid down the block lol nice...good break

William Richey 

Great box. Like the Austin meadows auto. Can’t wait to see the other boxes.