2018 3DS Modding Guide - Install games to SD Card


Now modding every firmware version of 3DS console. Send me your 2DS or 3DS and i'll mod it! Message here for more info https://www.facebook.com/Pence-PC-1614639078806459/

All information was used using this guide - https://3ds.guide/

This is a hacking guide for every 3DS model that has firmware version 9.0.0 - 11.3.0. Do not attempt if your version is above or below that firmware version. This guide is for 3DS's that have never been modded before. This guide used the New Nintendo 3DS XL which using a micro sd card. You may have to use a standard SD card depending on what model 3DS or 2DS you have.

Hardware you need:

1) Large capacity SD or Micro SD card (32GB-128GB)

2) SD Card to USB adapter - I used this one as it is SD and Micro SD although the micro sd slot never worked, I had to use the SD adapter which it does not come with.


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my 3ds wont open the nedwill thing... so guess im stuck

Gaming Boss 

im on 2DS will this work? just normal 2ds (NOT XL)

Gaming Boss 

i just want flipnote... i miss my DSI XL :( i'll try this


Thanks a lot asshole putting me to 11.9 and getting the files wrong. FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU

Cedric Molina 


Cedric Molina 

where can i get DCIM folder and Nintendo 3ds folder. thanks in advance

Brunchy R 

nooooo I only got 11.9.2

John Consolazio 

I have a bunch of 3ds decrypted roms. Will they work on the sd card?


Ahhh screw this. Just bought a 2ds xl. All I care about is playing the Mario and Zelda games. I’ll just pay the extra $50. This seems like a pain in the ass


I like the part where he says "Press A"


Does this work with pokemon and using pokemon bank ect..

redstonemaniac 34 

does it work on 2ds

Zachary Castillo 

Very end of video question:

Is there a way to change the version number of the copied game? The cheat I’m trying to use for animal crossing only works with the version1.5

The one I copied was version1.5 but my cheat menu will only work for the cartridge version of the game. I’m assuming it has something to do with the version number

ambiguited android_user 0 

Ok, but can't i just download the game i want from the internet? Sorry i'am confused.

Jake Brown 

What about 11.9 can you direct me to a vid for that

Criticism Sapphire Man 

32? Gs

Rich B 

You remind me of Brian Stan (retired from the UFC) if he chose video games over the Marines and fighting. Good stuff man. Thanks!


does this tut work on 3ds 8.0 firmware?

Mamat Mamat 

Plzz do for 11.9

Brandon Lee Godkin 

An error has occured failed to applu 1 firm patch es help


I thought I bricked my sons 3DS, ( failed to apply one patch) started reading through the comments and found this link. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zJZ2UIZ6kGM. Its alive again

Willard TK 

Dude, how freaking tall are you?! Or does the room just have an unusually low ceiling?

Mikey Aguirre 


Dancing Zombie 

I’ll need this because I lost my 3ds mario maker cartridge!

Seth Golden 

how long does this usually take?

Robert Bornefeldt 

I keep getting could not play?

Molly Lynn 

Question before I do all of this. I used to have a gateway and specifically still have my firmware on 9.0 because of it. I was using an emuNAND to play roms via gateway or downloaded .cias. Now I haven’t messed with the system in a while. Really now all I would like is to be able to play roms and also be able to extract (as possibly edit) save data for games, which I had previously used savedatafiler back in the day. If I go through and do all of this, will I still be able to do that? I don’t care much about anything else. Just save data editing and playing roms.

Hamad Alrowaie 

Can i use these informations now ?

Hamad Alrowaie 

🤗 a new subscriber here ❤


hello, I've followed another video and used a R4i Gold 3DS Plus card to jailbreak a Nintendo 2DSXL, all looks good and it appears to be jailbroken but I don't can't work out were to save Game Roms on the SD card, I have saved .nds and .3ds Roms in the root of the SD card but the console does not see any games? Please help. Thanks.

Aris A 

I had a 3ds, it broke and was replaced with a 2ds now that i have a Switch, I have a use for my 3ds again

Michael Cain 

Great tutorial, was up and running in about an hour. Question, what do I need to get Nintendo DS roms to work?

Johnny Chen 

Great tutorial, but theres a few missing steps.

Fleck En 

its saying i cant play nedwill

Ethan Games 

I’m not rich

WK 1oak 

je pipo hoofd is dik


thanks dude

Cee Vee 

First things first ... you forgot to explain the section how to make the 'otherapp' file. Luckily i found another video who explained it. And then i did the update and then my 2DS gave an error concerning the firm ware. I could not start up the console again. So i found another video explaining that the boot.firm should be replaced by another boot.firm file and that one worked like a charm. Now you put files in a 'safe location', but you did not explained why and for what purpose ? But overall good tutorial. Thanks Sir :)


Is this still relevant tutoria todayl? And will it mess up if you update when updating to new versions on old 2ds?

Anthony Val 


Sheena Realengo 

Very good Tutorial. Hope you add the latest for 11.9.0-42x too! Looking forward. Thanks!


Will this CFW actually read downloded 3DS game files?


Dang look at all those games in the background that’s like thousands of dollars

Michael Andrej Hagyari 

Will it work if I have an older Nintendo 3DS? That means that I can’t use mini SD cards, only big ones


Can you do one for the newest version please?

Tommy Ngo 

How for 11.9

Broken and Lonely 

Dam my son has 11.8.0-41U

Is there any new information on the the later updates?

Gibi L 

does this work on the 2ds XL?


will this method work only on 3DS?

cuz i was searching for 2ds

ary grijze eekhoorn 

3:39 Where do you get this application? I can't find where to download it