2017 Maps of Meaning 09: Patterns of Symbolic Representation


In this lecture, I discuss the manner in which the fundamental symbolic archetypes (particularly those dealing with the Wise King and Tyrant) are hijacked for the purposes of propaganda. Ideologies are parasites. Their hosts are archetypes. Knowledge of the underlying archetypes can produce immunity against ideological possession.

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Topics:  Society

I partly blame the schools for the rising popularity of socialism and communism in the West, particularly in America. Most Americans kids simply do not learn any Russian or Chinese history in K-12 schooling. The only reason I knew anything about Communism and its effects is bc I grew up in Miami, with many wealthy Cubans whose parents had escaped Castro and they demanded that this be included as part of the curriculum. Ask a Cuban grandma or Soviet grandma what she thinks about AOC's "Green New Deal" and paying people for not working.


JP Morgan in the house


"Why be virtuous, that's the question. It is so you can bear the suffering of life without becoming corrupt" -JBP Working my way through these lectures, JBP is like the Jazz of lecturers; talking about one thing, then goes off topic where you learn a load of other things before coming back to the subject at hand. I so wish I had been able to access his works as a teenager. Would have helped me make life more stable for sure. Long may he continue.



geert Dijkstra 

a Peterson a day keeps the chaos away.


does he still teach? as a professor in a university..in class for full semesters..like in this video

Merry Arttoones 

Hercules in the image is in a ceramic pot not a boat...

Roland Chevrier 

This guy speaks as good if not better than Joel Osteen. I hope one day millions will follow and watch Jordan's lectures and other videos.

El Subcommandante 

Oh my god. Did I just heard a fart? The left is totally right. Manspreading, Perpetrator, Neonazi on the loose. 02:06:18


this is absolutely marvelous. i love these talks and recently bought the book =)


If I make a slight exception to the eagle as "carrion bird", I think the eagle is better understood as the symbolic and divine hunter. It's the symbol of the *warlike state*. The vulture is a carrion bird, as is a crow, but an eagle is a killing bird.


I love how he gets so passionate.

depraved 727 

Stopped watching jdp, life fell into chaos.

Resume watching, life sorted out bucko!

Also MGTOW is retarded, grow up.

Andrew Evans 

Everyone here should be proud that you're smart enough to understand what's being said. It's no easy task and getting this far in these lectures is an accomplishment in itself. Keep being awesome!

potato psoas 

So since you can abstract outwards, does that mean the center of the ripple is the very actions you take that cause you to embody the ideals of these abstractions?

potato psoas 

So what you're trying to say is that these mythological beings are just representations of life according to an artist's imagination. Damn, now Carl Jung makes sense now with what he did with his art and analyzing dreams and visions.

Doug Duncan 

All of these lectures have so many great bits of information and insight. This is perhaps one of the most important, for me, in understanding how all of these ideas hold together. Amazing.


The spirit of a way of being a subject of error, like a thief is, in error of the way of spirit, bound in error to get caught, a subject in the way of error of spirit, having an underlying spirit of error, constantly being on guard, going in the way of stealth and deception, in Error, subject to error in truth even getting anxiety, in error, of a passing police car, even having the impending dread of cops showing up at their door; and such is the way of error in spirit in all who remain, or become, subjects of error, like a spouse cheating, having the underlying unrest continuously striving in ways of error to have peace, in that of the spirit of the way of truth which they seek to corrupt by seduction, that they become subjects of error, corrupting what is good, even so they won't be alone in error of sin, because of the spiritual conflict of the conscience in error, of which they assign blame, in error of ignorance, to the reactionary truths of the spirit of truth, those who are in


Yea, Spirits of the Spirit of ways of being, which fascinated me because they are so familiar, where only the nouns change, subjects of subjects of ways of being in spirit manifesting truths, in truth, in time. What is fascinating is that people take upon the way of spirit of another, even to act in those ways like how British people in their accents sing, without an accent, as if they were Americans; and I suspect they too can take upon mannerism learning of ways of words of ways of being in spirit like cursing as a Sailor... which can change in receiving understanding of the way of the spirit of truth, that they no longer curse, or they do under certain conditions of error in ways of spirit as in a stressful task, or striking their thumb with a hammer in error, thereby taking upon the spirit of error, cursing, even humbled in error to be more mindful in the spirit of truth, not wanting to curse in front the children, seeing them from afar walking up.

Taki Eddin 

This thing about artist understanding before philosophers. I noticed something sad about art schools before, they are teaching you to make art that you can interpret and if you can't interpret it you fail. It bothered me a lot because it's not my job to interpret my art with a poetic meaning, i just want to make beautiful stuff with meaning that i can't put to words, so why do teachers expect me to explain it when the art is the explanation.

It's difficult to make them understand this, they completely lost the meaning of art by trying to make meaningful art.


Question. At 24:14, you say that watching 100 movies and extracting what is common about them is an archetype. My impression, though, is that this would lead me to "tropes". To "there is a love story between the male hero and the beautiful girl", or, say, (in old 80s movies) "the black guy who always dies" (which fortunately has changed). Do you think these tropes are archetypes? Or that these reflect a not-high-enough level of extraction?

lirum larum 

Does someone know the name of the empiric study he ist talking about at 43:05 or has a link to it?

The Truth 

In so far, dominance hierarchies, roughly speaking.

The Truth 

Holy shit the first 10minutes is like 10,000$ of wisdom.

Floral Kami 

54:55 , seperation of the ideal from the real her.


1:03:56 (what do you do when confronted with the negative conception of mother nature? You make sacrifices to it.)


ok who farted 2:06:19

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That. Was. Intense.

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Sorry, but you completely screwed the pooch on the MGTOW.

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I am 56 and have been studying philosophy/self-knowledge ideas for the last 15 years. Many of my battles have been won by finding the monster within. These battles started before I'd ever heard of JP. When I speak to persons of colour about my 'inner racist', to gay men about my 'inner homophobe', and generally to anyone about my 'inner bigot', THEN reveal my struggle with such matters, the seeming divide evaporates. The only time it doesn't if if someone is a black-belt SJW, convinced they are more kind and intelligent. Such denial forces us to find the monster without. JP's ideas and descriptions have helped me join up dots I never knew existed. And I have tied them to previous explorations to see what is universal and what is faddish virtue signaling and finger pointing. A couple of hours watching JP is becoming the new Rock n Roll. I tilt my hat to you Sir, thank you.

Peter Girnus 

One of my favorite Jung quotes: "No tree, it is said, can grow to heaven unless its roots reach down to hell."

Matthew Rader 

Love Dr. Peterson's work but did He just let out a squeaker at 2:06:20? Sorry my phone has a crystal clear speaker. Lol

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Ok, gotta say 1:04:15 the representation of the hindu god kali and the actual meaning of the picture presented, is one of the most thought provoking thing ive seen in a while. It just blew my mind damn.

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Anyone got a high resolution version of the images shown in the powerpoint?

M.N R 

I enjoy this particular lecture very much.

quang thái nguyễn 

Dear Mr Peterson, I've listened many your talks. They are really helpful for me. Thank you so much


You should do a Netflix series about mythology and man's symbols!

M G 

1:25:40 very smart question, props to whatever is you buddy!

Zaki Rafael 

I've listened to hundreds of hours of JBP and he always manages to say something that runs chills through my spine.

Such an elegant character that really brings the best out of people, people like that are so rare that we should all cherish JBP and be thankful that we got him.

One of the best moments in this is around 1:40 untill 1:42 or so..

Four Apramanas 

Many thanks for this lecture.

Taking responsibility for something outside yourself is tricky because you do not control all conditions. Thinking that one controls all conditions is deluded; but you can still try to do what you can. (A stressed middle-manager of my former acquaintance lamented his situation with, “There’s no responsibility without control!”)

I think that one of the issues regarding women wanting/or-not to have children may have been that historically females only had social status, or believed they did, if they had children or insofar as they might have children: they in themselves had no value. This may also have applied to men. It would also have applied to their children, who (by this logic) would only have value insofar as they might produce children later. An attitude of people having zero value themselves, unless they were or would become baby-farms, was just asking for some people to throw up at it and wonder what was the point. Perhaps the ghosts of this


1:47:38 - The Eagle, Interesting comment. Germany has used the eagle as their national symbol for many centuries. So to has the ancient Roman empire. America is also represented by the Eagle. What do you make of this?

I have never understood the Eagle to be a carrion feeder like the crow or the vulture.

The eagle is a bird of prey. It soars over all and kills and eats what it needs to. It is arguably the most powerful and therefore, noble of the birds of prey as well.

Karl Heinrich Marx 

1:13:05 is a vaginal opening on the left... that is too revealing for a religious iconography that emphasizes chastity... must be someone's artistic desire to be edgy... or desire as it is.


The Passion and energy! And knowledge!!

Rob Haight 

Jordan, I absolutely love your work. And I agree with a vast majority of your positions. However, regarding MGTOW, perhaps you might be interested in my first hand experience re: the court system. Also, I provide some suggestions to men at the bottom of this very long comment but consider this...would women have to evaluate the same suggestions as they enter into the dating / relationship world? Would women even think at all about these suggestions as it relates to their risks? I submit *no*

This is a long read but i *PLEAD* you *men* to read it.

When my son was two and my daughter was seven my ex wife got hooked on drugs, emptied the house, stole the kids, emptied the accounts and took off. She was a gorgeous stay at home mom who i lived dearly and thought i knew. We lived in a beautiful home in an affluent part of town, i had a good job, and I thought we had a very good life. We had problems, who doesn’t. She was hiding an alternative life, maybe for the whole 9 years we we




"We're descendants of the first insane ape who was so obsessed by fire that he couldn't stay away from a burning landscape, and learned how to master it -- And these are our forefathers."


"the greater responsibility that you voluntarily agree to bear, the richer your life will be." Wow.


Muslim girl face reveal 1:22:48 <3


I really like Jordan Peterson. I learn so much from him - amazing that he can lecture so smoothly on such deep topics. I'm a Westerner, living in China, married to a native Chinese woman, planning to have a child to be raised in China. Dr. Peterson usually speaks about Western concepts. Here in China, children are usually raised without any religious training of any kind. The archetype here is, I guess, "family". Respect your family (this extends out to community and country). If you are a Chinese child, it seems you are taught: respect your family, work hard, then die. That's it. But I would say that Chinese people, Children in particular, seem fairly happy. I am guessing this has "something to do" with China's economic success. Growing at over 6% per year for over 20 years, if you just sit at your desk you get a nice raise next year. You can see a distinction, I believe, in Hong Kong, where it seems to be widely acknowledged that many people, especially many young people


Can someone link me to a part where peterson talks of the swastika and its being reversed

F G 

I love everything this man says...