2 Masters Degrees Vs PhD: Is It Easier To Find A Job With Masters / MBA Than With A PhD?


The short answer is ‘yes,’ it is easy to get a job with a Masters / MBA than with a PhD. How can that be?

You have to think about the supply and demand of a PhD degree. A PhD degree is a relatively specialized degree, and there are only limited number of spots where you can find a job that fits this skill set.

Most people believe that it is the candidate that is unwilling to take lower positions, but I really do not think this is the case.

While you do gain a lot of specialized knowledge from the PhD that far exceeds what you would gain in a masters degree, most people do not understand what a PhD is and thus, it reduces the number of industry opportunities for you. It is more that the PhD screens you out of opportunities.

I have had a family member that is a recruiter tell me that I would have better success if I removed the PhD from my resume. That is crazy, but it is a matter of people having a ‘bin’ for you, and if you do not fit that ‘bin’ than they will quickly find another ...

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Mr Mr Jims 

I applied to Phd because I will be paid to study, learn and do research Vs MBA I will have to spend ton of Money to study and learn

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sorry Brno University in Czech republc

AR Golo VLog for fun 

PhD in Japan or PhD in Czech republic?

Nagoya Institute of Technology in japan and Brno University of Technology in Japan.

Suggest me plz.