14th Amendment Trump Is Right and Bill Is Wrong


Bill O'Reilly, Jim Gilmore and Fox News anchors have no concept of the "Jurisdiction Clause" of the 14th Amendment.

Bill versus Trump: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0tfylXw0SSU

Bill misquotes the 14th Amendment and then shouts "Period!!!!" like some kind of moron.

Gilmore: http://www.msnbc.com/the-last-word/watch/jim-gilmore--trump--is-wrong--on-immigration-508150851764

Then Jim Gilmore comes out following Bill's stupidity also misinterpreting the 14th Amendment willing to hand Citizenship to anyone crossing the border illegally to squat and have an illegal baby. No sir.


Read the 14th Amendment in its entirety including the "Jurisdiction Clause" to realize these Illegal Aliens are citizens of other countries and 'subject to the jurisdiction' of that nation and its laws. Those brought to the USA as slaves were 'subjects' of the slave owner that 'is' a citizen of the USA and therefore subject to the ju...

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Blue Fox 

Am I to understand that if an individual arrived in US iilegally & gives birth then the child is. US citizen???? How can someone illegal produce a person legal???


If they would return all the slaves back there would be no so called white people in the United States. Since a majority of slaves were white anyway LMFAO go back to you native country.

Daniel Morais 

This is all B.S. because at the beginning we moved to U.S. and we were IMMIGRANTS from England so he has no write to send someone to their on country became according to his bs we should all move back too our own countries because according to him only Native Americans are aloud to live here

Terry Harris 

So if they are no subject the jurisdiction of the US why when illegal immigrants break the law do we arrest them take them to trail and send them to jail

Shaun Taylor 

The slaves where freed at the time and wasn't subject to anyone or anything. And the reason the former slaves weren't deported is because they are aboriginal to this land. So the government had no choice but to incorporate them in these United States. Go read a fucking history book.

Vicki Chavez 

The 14 amendment clearly states that aliens are not legal citizens

T Baker El 

The Jig is up, Game Over..

“The ignorant seek to peruse death then admit defeat”

T Baker El 

America is not the United States .

The United States is a corporation. No jurisdiction over real peoples of the land..

America’s Americans are the Indigenous of all North America Canada all the way down to the adjoining islands...

Mexican’s Americans Canada all a-joining islands making up the Americas are indigenous and have no none jurisdiction to a corporation.

Borders are illegal and corporate statues not applying to natural born human peoples of the land..Continent get real wake up stop the B S..

Michael Roberson 

The part a lot of whites don’t understand is that some Blacks were in this country already! Even long before they were forced from Europe! So where should I go since I’m at home already!? “Manifest Destiny “ doesn’t make you the caretaker of this land ,it was stolen from native Black and Red Americans! And Black Natives were here before our Red brothers arrived centuries ago! So instead of being disrespectful in our house, mind your manners or you can leave!😲

Mike 0355 

By the time slavery was over most of the African slaves were dead and there were some sent back to the country's. However, there were already Black indigenous population already here before African people got here. White people is so got damn busy changing history and not giving the truth. White people should have taken their asses back to Europe.

Lannie Harper 

sorry dude but your brother should be shot at sunrise !!!

Carry Lifeforme 

Duh--- that is the hidden key -- Classified black people are the True Natives of this Land.

British people were and are not civilized by no means. All you have to do is look at the laws and tortourous conditions towards the classified black people by the classified white men -- only uncivilized people can created use harsh laws and conditions to murder innocent people


What!!!! What makes Europeans civilized! Your people have committed more violent acts than any other people. Your people have killed, stolen, raped, pillaged, etc.... everywhere you have invaded and colonized, ALL over the world. You need to research your history, before you call other people uncivilized. Your jobs are gone due to greed from corporations, technology. Even if All people that you call illegal aliens, you will still lose your jobs, because of technology. Plus if you want all of the 'illegal aliens to leave,' don't you know that that includes ALL Europeans. Your forefathers and other explorers described SHADES OF COPPER COLORED PEOPLE when they arrived. They saw them ALL OVER THE AMERICAS. They said that they looked like Ethiopians. I am going to let you think about that one. Please research. You along with everyone else has been tricked.

Nick Pacheco 

‘Subject to the jurisdiction” applies to the “person born” not the child bearer. How do you pervert the plain language of the Amendment? ?

You don’t seem to know that there are babies born in this country that are not subject to the jurisdiction of this Country.

The law as written is not what you’re perverting.

Nick Pacheco 

Are you kidding? Subject to the jurisdiction is directed to the newborn not the parent.

Derrance Hatfield El 

Webster's Dictionary 1828


AMER'ICAN, adjective Pertaining to America.

AMER'ICAN, noun A native of America; originally applied to the aboriginals, or copper-colored races, found here by the Europeans; but now applied to the descendants of Europeans born in America.

Need I say more? They left the slaves where they found them and actually enslaved the descendants of the Europeans. Like it or leave.




Civilized People?!? Are you serious.


Did this fool just say " the Civil people, the Europeans"??? 😂😂😂😂 Fuckouttahere savages

Bishop Bishop 

Original intent of the 14th Amendment The 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution reads in part: "All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and the State wherein they reside." Babies born to illegal alien mothers within U.S. borders are called anchor babies because under the 1965 immigration Act, they act as an anchor that pulls the illegal alien mother and eventually a host of other relatives into permanent U.S. residency. (Jackpot babies is another term). The United States did not limit immigration in 1868 when the Fourteenth Amendment was ratified. Thus there were, by definition, no illegal immigrants and the issue of citizenship for children of those here in violation of the law was nonexistent. Granting of automatic citizenship to children of illegal alien mothers is a recent and totally inadvertent and unforeseen result of the amendment and the Reconstructionist period in which it was ratified.

Bonzai Subber 

“And subject to the jurisdiction thereof”

This is very simple to clarify: if someone in this country is here illegally and murders someone, is he prosecuted for the murder? Of course he is. Therefore, a baby born in this country is automatically under jurisdiction of it.

You are SPECULATING what the purpose of the plus is for. If you want to say, “well, it’s been documented in several writings of the time that it pertained to slaves under jurisdiction of their owners,” that’s fine— but it’s not in the constitution. I could easily say that this “plus” was added to keep foreign diplomats’ children from becoming US citizens in case one was born here.

Christina Phillips 

Americans know that but the left knows it but they are stealing it from the black American citizens

Charley Dan 

It is more devastating then that. They are United States Citizens. Most of us are naturalized citizens attained by birth from parents or application. United States Citizens can be kicked out tomorrow, by congressional vote. They have a very limited constitution. They are citizens of the corporation of United States. Those that got Amnesty, same boat. They all, better apply for citizenship of naturalization. Then the can not throw them out and have full constitutional rights.

colette s 

he is 100% correct and it got worse before it started to get better. Mexicans moved into my area and tried to take over in the building trades, they do such shit work and steal everything they can get their hands on. They work for cash, pay no taxes and and collect welfare food stamps....just disgusting parasites. We started turnign them in to ICE last year and found ICE is taking citizen complaints seriously, turning in illegals gets them on the list and we started seeing illegals disappearing several months ago....Help ICE....turn in every illegal you know of.


The illegals come because you and your relatives give them opportunities.


The descendants of those enslaved Africans were born in this country, therefore (260 years latter) they qualified for full citizenship. Furthermore forced enslavement of another human being shows the lowest form of civilized behavior. European nationalism and colonialism was the cause of every major war and conflict in this world. Based on your assertion the children born of the white immigrants are non citizens: You are not a citizen. Trump is not a citizen.

Anthony Lockridge 

This white person doesn't speak for the whole race I'm smart enough to look over him trying to make white people look bad sad

Christina Phillips 

Black American people citizens deserve to stand up and enforce the law's of the 14th amendment because this was signed into law for you and your children !!! Not illegals from Other countries and illegals stealing and unauthorized use of your legal right as the True legal citizens of the united States of America !! Not birth right anchor babies from illegals !!! Stand up with president Trump and Americans to end this problem !! You're jobs and medical care and home's are being taken away from your families and Americans citizens by Democrats and Republicans that are breaking the law to defend illegals and hating on Americans ...

Christina Phillips 

President Trump NEEDS to investigate and stop all Visas and immigration entry into America

Christina Phillips 

Meddling of Mexico and Democrats against Americans and our president Trump

Patricia Demekpe 

Disenfranchised American Aboriginals were enslaved! Land usurpers are the misfits trying to justify their occupation here! Using force to take birthrights is a crime against humanity!

ISaidIt 2 

The 14th ammendment is SOLEY for the DESCENDENTS OF SLAVES NIT SLAVES. The FREED SLAVES were referred to "FREEDMAN not Citizens.

ISaidIt 2 

You sound stupid when you say "They should be returned back to their country or tribes" Did you forget that the US had enslaved Africans and than their descendents which now were (Because of the legal rape from slave masters)mixed with, Native Indians. White etc... for 200 years, so how in the hell and where in the hell would anyone be returned and to where they came from or as you say their tribe"?

ISaidIt 2 

It was "Citizenship" to the descendents of Slaves. The 14th ammendment came about because of the "Dred Scott" case. NOTHING TO DO WITH CHINESE OR ILLEGALS.

mark shaver 

The Royal Amerian Society insist that President

Donald Trump reinstate The Federalist Party to improve the Republican Party in order to use the Consolidated Cooperative Economical Program in the capacity to impose the open ended bill summary in place of a Constitutional Monarchy as a matter of executive policy with Congressioal oversight granting the rite to free access and training under the updated policy to disabled american veterans of the United States iinstead of the panel of UN members until the USA regulations includes a secure license in using the Internet under world wide effect for ritefull use.


The 14 amendment is speaking about natural born americans, naturalize people who are here legal immigrants permanently and those who apply for citizenship.

Zeek M 

Born and Subjewgated

The King Maker 

Kidnapping civilized lol idiot

James Broffardski 

Dont know what you're talking about

Jon Atkinson 

Being under the jurisdiction of the United States is still being a slave. United States is the District of Columbia and it's a corporation. United States is not our country. Each state is its own country. Be a Citizen of your own state/country. Trump and yourself are ignorant of reality.

Jon Atkinson 

The People in We The People, did not give the federal government jurisdiction over themselves. Why get out from under a king just to get under a central government. You are misunderstanding the problem with the 14th amendment. Personalities or persons or corporations are not People. People, Man (male or female) are live birthed. We as persons or citizens of the US are slaves. They constantly take our personal property, such as our wages. Just like they took the labor of the previous slaves.

Jason Gartner 

talk about the 14th admendment and its legality..

Jorge Padua 

Plus, I love how you try analyzing the language of a constitution and yet you end up saying "my brother does really good." you don't even know the basic foundations of grammar and yet you think you can interpret the Constitution.

Jorge Padua 

There's an Oxford comma before the "and." therefore it's listing for where one has to be born to be a citizen. It's basically saying "those eligible for citizenship include those born in the US, and its jurisdiction" Again , that Oxford comma separates the two. Plus, the clause apply to those being BORN not the ones GIVING birth.



Who ever this prick is commentating in this video needs to steep slowly in a vat of acid


So any group that falls in disfavor can be deported. All means all, pinhead.

Molon Labe 5x5 

You are a dumbass.... what liberal school did you go to?


I agree 100 percent ,I hope Trump wins build a wall best thing for us ,He also says he would stop the visa thing to make sure criminals are not coming or over staying there visas .He wants to get rid of the criminals and I do not think he will take that many back .

Blair Millington 

Once you are within the borders of the United States you are under its jurisdiction. Proof of such is straight forward if you commit a crime while inside america you are tried in america. The only people within the borders of the United States and not under its jurisdiction are those people with diplomatic immunity. As a side note the majority of slaves in america at the time of its abolition were born in the United States as were there parents and their parents parents. Slavery existed here for over 200 years before it ended and like any form of livestock once you have a viable breeding pair there is no longer a need to import more. Reality is so much more than what one person wants it to be. An ability to look at a situation from all sides without bias is crucial to understanding anything. Beliefs are bad, ideas are good. God bless america and every place else. Bless you my child and keep up the good work.