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While Donald Trump may tout his business prowess and his HUGE successes, not everything the Donald has touched turned to gold. In fact, in the Donald's business history, there are lots of strange choices, bad timing and big losses. From board games, to airlines, to vodka, these are twelve of the Donald's biggest business fails.


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Trump: The Game




Trump Airlines


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Lawrence Stevens 

Think he’s a lot more successful than you. Salty much?

Alpax Dis 

Out of 518 business it's still great........videos like this is why he won and will probably win again

Mr. Meantoy 

Hey cucktv guess what?!? Trump won =D How bout them taters? You bunch of whiny bitches. lol

Lew 286 

Let’s hate trump who never armed Isis who was that oh yeah that was Hillary Clinton

SchoolOf SelfReliance 

Go fuck your self MTV. Giving people who couldn't hold a kid a show to talk about business failure. Get off the leftist SJW bull shot wagon!!!

Emil Jansson 

Business Fail=MTV Decoded


Just because Trump is a piece of shit doesn't make you good, MTV. There's no reason you can't both be worthles.

Cole Hickey 

So did that fucker with the beanie hang himself? Hope so.

Cole Hickey 

Yeah sure everyone makes mistakes, and Trump has failed a couple times but my god has he succeeded. This video is pathetic.

Angie Freedle 

Well... Mtv is failing with you in it

Not Kewl 

How about a video about all of Hillary's scandals, and crimes?

ur mom gay lol 

These delusional people need to stop.

James Gray 

Trump is now president you SJW libtards. Franny the racist at it again.

James Sarvan 

Great points, now let me state his biggest achievements:

1. Being one of the richest persons in the united states (and the world)

2. Becoming the fucking president of the United States and therefore being one of the most powerful men in the world.

Fuck you Franny.

Numb Newts 

And our #1 business fail goes to... MTV news.


I live in Tel Aviv and Trump vodka is actually pretty popular in Israel. Just because something fails in America doesn't meant it can't succeed elsewhere.


MTV job is to brainwash the youth into being condescending insufferable cunts.


TRUMP CAME IN LIKE A WRECKING BALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TRUMP TRUMP suck it Francesca Ramsey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Matt Lee 

Not to mention his MOST EPIC FAIL, the 2016 presidential election.... oh wait... HE WON!!! hahahahaa suck it Fran!


Bow to your white male master and supreme leader. President Trump!

Hayden Lassalle 

trump the game kicks ass you ugly SJWs

Hogman Go 

Trump starting new taxi service. He's calling it " Goober"!! Hahahaha!!

Alex Ray 

You realize that he went bankrupt on purpose.

Justin R 

you forgot one , trumps apprentice (2004-2015)

canceled due to low extremely ratings, and trump president campaign


"Dangerous for pregnant women!" HILARIOUS!

bradley stiles 

Pretty snarky vid.


Yet he's still much more wealthy than MTV. :)

Sherrese Payne 

that so true

Ideologically Controversial 

I'm not for trump but how has hillary clinton destabilise the world in the last 20 years?

Alissa Bryant 

Yea he's horrible at business that's why he's rich af


ughh anti-trump propaganda is soooo bad...


He fails over and over again.. That's why he has had success.


MTV "News"? There is no news here. You wouldn't be here if you were seriously looking for news.

Jarkko Voutilainen 

Trump's been involved with more than 500 businesses and knowing that 8/10 usually fail, I would see this as nothing more than vindication that Trump is over 10 times more successful than regular business man. We all know that this racist Ramsey woman is full of shit as all of her videos are ridiculously poorly researched. Any one remember how she said that black people can't be racist????

Michael Iaconelli 

MTV trying to brain wash the youth, but look at the likes vs dislikes, people arent buying their bullshit


This video reflects the truth behind what separates the Winners & Losers in life. Losers don't get this, only winners do.

The only way to succeed, is by failing until you get it right.

God you're stupid MTV News.

Kevin Morris 

damn u still fine...down with trump!


where's a video about his successes you liberal shit heads?

Veritas Aquitas 

+chescaleigh I am amazed MTV let's you be so racist. Probably why I won't even let my kids watch that channel. Or the rest of the dumbass shows they have on there.

Carlos Miguel Ugalde 

why havent they fired you franceska?

Grant Duffey 


Mira M 


Green Bananas 

The Most successful people in the world are also some of the biggest failures:

Walt Disney

Harrison Ford

General Eisenhower

Albert Einstein

Henry Ford

Bill Gates

Wilbur and Orville Wright

Winston Churchill

Harry Truman

Charlie Chaplin

Vincent Van Gogh

Steven Spielberg

Steven King

The most successful people fail, that is why they become successful. Instead of stopping because idiots like yourselves push them down, they pick themselves up dust themselves off and tackle the problem until they achieve their goal.

Green Bananas 

80% of Businesses fail, while Trump was working on one of his many projects your esteemed Black President was smoking the fucking reefer.

Hh Gg 

What about the other businesses he owns and what about hoe rich he is

Tresfaye Williams 

I love this girls knowledge!! she great, mtv news is nice

Azure Trio 

I absolutely love this show! I learn a lot! Thank you!

My only request is if when you include text on the screen, it is left up even just another second or two longer. I can never absorb that part of the info, and it goes by so quickly, sometimes I'm not even able to pause it in time to read it.

I'm sorry if that was rude, I just feel like if you guys put in the work to have the graphics and did the research, then the audience should be able to learn it too.

Thank you so much though, really! I truly am learning a lot and I really appreciate how you teach us in such a cool way! :)


Still waiting on actual proof that Emperor Trump is racist. "But I feel in my heart that he is!"

Century 21 

Mtv's biggest business fail: hiring these people

bunny fish 

dump trump