12 Difference Between Discover It Chrome And Discover It


1. Discover it:

5% cash back on quarterly rotating categories (up to $1,500 in purchases per quarter when you activate)

1% cash back on other purchases.

Discover it chrome:

2% cash back on restaurant and gas station purchases (up to $1,000 in spending per quarter)

1% cash back on other purchases.

2. The Discover it Chrome Gas & Restaurant Card could give you more-predictable rewards where you might shop most.

3. If rotating categories aren’t your style, then by all means, go with the Chrome. It’s still an excellent offer.

4.  Discover it Cash Back has a high (5%) bonus cash back rate that applies to designated spending categories that change every three months. Discover it chrome is more consistent but has a lower ceiling, giving you 2% bonus cash back on the same categories – gas and restaurants – all the time.

5. Discover it:

You have to remember to activate the categories each quarter, so this is not a card for people who prefer simplicity.

6. If you don’t mind juggling and a...

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