1031 Exchange - 3 Tips from a Real Estate Lawyer


Thinking about engaging in a 1031 Exchange? Check out this video for 3 Tips from a Chicago real estate lawyer regarding what to know before you invest.

Hi, Barry Zlotowicz with the LawFull channel. On this channel you'll find short videos on the legal topics that affect our lives. I'm a personal injury attorney but I want this channel to include as much free legal information on a variety of topics.

Today and for the next several weeks, we are going to have a videos with Chicago real estate attorney Junilla Sledziewski. In this video, Junilla is going to provide to explain 1031 exchanges.

Junilla is based in Chicago, Illinois however the 1031 exchange is a federal law found in the Internal Revenue Code section 1031.

In sum, if you have invested in an investment property and it gains equity, you can sell it, select a replacement property and defer any tax liability down the road when you purchase the replacement property. Tax deferral is one of the most significant benefits of a 103...

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