101 Facts About Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas


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Today we're following the adventures of CJ Johnson in the city of Los Santos, as we take a look at 101 Facts About Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

If you're a fan, why not check out our pals over at Alltime Gaming, and their list of 6 Reasons Why Everyone Loves GTA San Andreas?

Click here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vV5PxMi5UoI

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They need to make gta 6 in detroit


i go the 101 reference not sure if i should be proud


How did you mention a Samuel L Jackson fact and not mention the fact that the cops name he plays is ten penny and in the movie 187 the character he plays in that gets stabbed with a ten penny nail?


The way he pronounces some words 😂


I can't believe I watched the whole thing.

Brent Osborne 

Says Ja Rule but then has DMX wtf Brits

Brent Osborne 

That’s wasn’t Dj Pooh

Gaming Community - AsiaServer 


the dutohlav 

Oooh such a missed opportunity to place the fact about number 69 as a 69th fact...

Big Boi 

Who beat wrong side of the tracks on one go because I have

Fortnite game is for autistic teen 


1.Cj is a buster

2.Gta sa is beter than boring V

zordrak xuxu 

That’s not dj Pooh

Chris Pacheco 

To many facts ...meh


7:29 that's dmx

Kristian Ivan Ruinata 

CJ even mention "Orange grove family" during a Gang war

Kevin Eontrainer 

Whether or not Headshots removes the victims head or not depends on the weapon used. The following weapons WILL remove the victims head:

- AK47

- M4

- Sniper Rifle

- Rifle

- Shotgun

- Sawnoff Shotgun

- Combat Shotgun

- Dessert Eagle

- Minigun

- Katana

- Randomly by explosions

D-Boy_Ick-Stream John 

30, 35 & 82 are my favs of this video but i think Rockstar did the Simpson’s job; predict the future. #92 Cluckin’ bell is essentially Taco Bell and KFC before they actually started doing business together... gta San Andreas is my all time favorite game and still surprises me what i see Easter egg wise almost 15 years later ❤️

Cory Pedigo 

If you still rep’n Grove Street in 2019...


PP DaniSka 

This video is so over edited chill with the edits damn


Not even Dj Pooh

Rishi Makhanlal 

17:27 Thank me later :)


OS X was pronounced as OS 10, since it followed OS 9.

Zaheer Ahmed 

"you picked the wrong house fool"

Paulie Tonoro 

San Andreas was the most amazing game in history TBH, it'll never be beat.


I was like 100% sure you were going to make a joke about 64 and 69 for some reason..nice facts but the jokes were kind of annoying..especially the 11 joke..i mean..man..


I only left a dislike cuz the scary pic... thanks.... <3 I am subscribing tho

TheEnchilada Kid 

101 Facts About you would already know if you have played the game


Ice cube was also from nwa...

Hizzo Style 

The Grove Street and Glen Park on the cover of GTA SA could mean the place where the gangs started because.

The Ballas were created in Glen Park. Grove Family in Grove Street.

Jack Sparrow 

great video

Jack Sparrow 

gta sa best gta of all time


Air Raid is easy AF,supply lines....

Not so much.

Game Storys 

The way you said controversy

Ri Ri 

In GTA V 6 your kind


My favourite game and Pokémon came out in 1995 get your facts straight.

Liam English 

That wasnt DJ Pooh in that picture

Billy Dwisaputra 

wrong side of the tracks was hard when we all played it for the first time, by this point of the game, we're already used to the high speed car chases and we were pretty much in control of the shooting. then this mission came around and we're supposed to maintain a distance, not outrace the train, this threw most people off guard. i remember being so frustrated i whipped out the cheats sheet i wrote down, used a jetpack to get on the train to kill the bastards off, only to fail the mission because big smoke's fatass was having a fit for being left alone.

Charles Knipp 

Did nobody notice the pier 69 mistake? It references Pier 39 not pier 3

I don’t care 101 

Best gta ever

Danny McDiffitt 

I love this game

moke balls 

16:43 My birthday!

moke balls 

U forgot that cj looks like dr Dre

john kormanyos 

Everyone says this game is bad it’s THE FUCKING BEST I LOVE IT and wrong side of the tracks is hard but not nearly as hard as the zero missions but when smoke continually says ALL WE HAD TO DO WAS FOLLOW THE DAMN TRAIN CJ that is the most annoying cause it’s clearly his fault tons of videos have proven that.

Michael Stanford jr. 

Rockstar won't release a new game till they run out of ideas for gtav dlc

Bacho Danelia 

motherfuck you ars spis so faster biache

Bida Ruhsam Miharbi 


kedarreis kirkendoll 

Fact #1 It's superior to grand theft auto vice city

Amber Sweet 

GTA 6 won't be out until 2022, sadly. And I believe that it'll be based in Seattle.

Sangat Brar 

How do u get it on ps4?

Hunter Mielke 

gta vc>>>gta sa

I love both and both games never get old