100% Immortal build in POE - 100% Phys to Ele 100% Max Resistances


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All credit to Noclearmind and Hanabito who have shown various versions of this type of build.

Link to Noclearmind's build guide on the forums:


Rasmus Lindved 

just looking forward to playing this... then they change flasks. lol


too bad this doesnt work anymore

Pavel Janík 

except of shaper penetrating BALLS

Tadej Ovčak 

how specly retarded must u be to play a bild like this ???

Ragstal Rorikstar 

You should not take someone else video and redistribute it, and your comments were irrelevant about reasoning this corse of action. GGG are nerf happy, by spamming the video not only you make our lives harder to search (plus the YT search engine sucks) and you make this build famous and making GGG aware of it, which again it’s smth that most of us DONT want! Some wanna have a chance and play this, others alrdy use this. So yea, screw you sir!

The Major 

RIP this build in 3.5.0 Div Distillate nerf...


degen and -max map mods. i think i like the IC build better


Stun immunity when you can't take damage?


Sah Fell's Frame

Stephen Lawrence 

make a mouse macro and just go eat while the macro takes care of pots lol


So it's a youtube video of you showing other youtube videos and reading another person's build.

But why?