$100 Bankroll vs. $10,000 Bankroll


The Bankroll Challenge is BACK! Sort of. Doug Polk continues his quest to run up $100 into $10,000. This time he has the benefit of increased liquidity, as WSOP.com has merged its player pools from Nevada and New Jersey. If you've ever wanted to see a high stakes poker veteran grind it up from the bottom, here's your chance.

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Subscribe for more wsop vlog, news, comedy, and hand breakdowns. Poker Hands is the show where Doug analyzes live poker hands from tv poker shows such as Poker After Dark, EPT (European Poker Tour), High Stakes Poker, the World Series of Poker (WSOP), the Aussie Millions, WPT (World Poker Tour) the Big One For One Drop, and the PCA (Pokerstars Carribean Adventure). He especially enjoys reviewing hands by popular high stakes pros like Viktor "Isildur" Blom, Fedor Holz, Dan Cates (Jungleman), Tom "Durrrr" Dwan, Phil Hellmuth, Phil Ivey, and Daniel Negreanu.


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howard deno 

We seen you on high stakes poker you suck


clembutt is truly a disgusting player to deal with, imagine losing money and getting trash talk by his shit mouth.


You are the poker god.!!!!!!!!my stomach hurts laughing ....“with” you of course


Brave got a major update and no longer lags on startup. Give it a shot now.

Stevey Irwin 

the entire first 5 minutes of bullcrap is basically the same speech he uses to justify his plays.


You’re funny as shit. Watching all your streams

Dimitris Politis 

That skins looks like 888poker

Chris Baker 

I heard only $500,000 out of a million goes to the prize pool with the rest going to charity on the million dollar one drop.

Joao Breia 

How long to make 10000?

Moritz Bödeker 

Why do you have 100$ in the one hand and 20,000$ in the other hand (on the thumbnail)? I don't get it.

Auraiden L 

Why not to play on pokerstars?


Hmm, I'm suspicious on the $975 claim when all we have to go on is your word.


Is it true theres better players at micro stakes than at higher stakes??

Error Eliminator 

So update us with your progress of this challenge? what's happening now? Accomplished or busted?


Microstakes is just sooooooooo boring. I hate grinding for 50 cents

Tony Povilitus 

When u bet .85 cents I should get all serious lol

Tony Povilitus 

36:00 I’ll give u that haha

Tony Povilitus 

How many times u bust the $100 roll lmao GL keep fooling these idiots....

Jessica Rosado 



I went from 10 000 to 100 because of Germany didnt qualify !



GL with the challenege Doug

you inspired me to start playing poker again after years of not playing.

ive just started my own $10-$10k challenge playing micro cash and free roll tournaments


Why are you doing the challenge on some weird no name sites? It would be much cooler to see them on party/stars...

Макс Рудковский 

And what is this song? Do not give me a link? ))

Макс Рудковский 

Good song! ;) O-O-U-U//!!


Lol title 10/10

Christopher Thomas 

No one bluffs river in MS

Nomen Nescio 

lmao love the intro!


twitch thots 8:35


may the 4th be with you XD

Rashid Raza 

Doug, I've been watching your channel for ages, and I've learned a lot from you. Thanks!

Dan DanDanDan 

Omg ... Lost interest after 30 sec.

xie bosi 



obv drunk

niko pietarila 

Hey Doug what happened 79s at 3:15:00 or somewhere around that? Did u call on river?

The Queen of a Good Sized Village 

Yay the dream isn't over...looking to emulate your results!

Mitch T 

i did the $100 to 10,000 bank roll run back in 2008 and it took me 16 weeks.


I live in California. What's a good website for online poker that caters to californians?

Maciek Kusnierz 

Doug is so funny and entertaining. Loving these vids.


What site got shut down? And I just realized I watched him play on pokerstars from that same room he's in now before, isn't he in the u.s.?

Stefan Jagot 

What site shut down?

Teo Bochev 

Start uploading in your crypto channel more frequently! Damn it, Doug!



Lats Niebling 

Holy sh*%$th this guy is funny. Love it.


I don't even 'fold' my laundry.


Omaha is actually for gamblers.

Purple Haze 

Please actually do this this time doug genuinely want to see you do this


Hey Doug, can you win the $45 dollar buy-in tournament at Excalibur?

Vince Cronk 

Hey doug, fuck the haters bro... Fuck em.


This guy is pretty good. Had he considered going pro?