1 Dead After Michigan Police Chase Camaro


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PORT HURON, MI -- Police in Port Huron have released dashcam video of the moments leading up to a four-vehicle crash that left a 48-year-old Chesterfield Township woman dead.

An officer spotted a white Camaro driven by a 35-year-old Port Huron woman traveling at a high rate of speed just after 8 a.m. April 11 in the area of 22nd and Bancroft streets.

The vehicle then turned south on 24th Street while traveling more than 100 miles per hour and not stopping after the officer activated his overhead lights and siren, police said.

Video footage from a police cruiser shows the vehicle travel through a red light at 24th Street and Dove Street without stopping and hit a pickup truck that sustained minimal damage.

It then struck the vehicle driven by the Chesterfield Township woman, identified by police as Kristina Donahue, and a third vehicle at the intersection.

The Port Huron woman is listed in critical, but stable, condit...

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macc niemann 

I hope someone kills the driver and a random person in her family


The driver has been charged with murder 2.

petrol devo 

Someone's going to do some serious time. RIP Donahue.

petrol devo 

Can't outrun the Motorola !

JW Pev 

The woman will surely be charged with vehicular homicide. Hopefully spends mucho time in the slammer.


That why you have to look at every light just because you have a green light doesn't mean some ass hole won't blow it or be running or drunk or not looking people haves bad habit of its green me go all mine no look before you leep


The woman driving the Camera is 35-year-old Theresa Gafken of Port Huron. She has been charged with operating while under the influence of drugs causing death (2nd degree murder). She was driving with a suspended drivers license. A stolen gun was also found in the car. She's being held without bail/bond.

The Camaro's "Bosch Crash Data Retrieval system" was removed and analyzed. The data shows the Camaro traveling as fast as 117 MPH and hit 118 MPH seconds before the crash. The speed limit in the area of the crash. . . . .35 MPH.

The three occupants in the Camero. . . .

21-year-old man has a misdemeanor warrant for failure to appear on a charge of malicious destruction of property out of the Sanilac County Sheriff Department.

33-year-old has a bench warrant out for his arrest for failure to appear while driving on a suspended license, second offense, out of the Port Huron Police Department.

31-year-old has a parole violation warrant for parole absconder for his arrest through

Robert Smith 

A life for a life. Guillotine in front of the public courthouse.


100 mph total disintegration on impact, all cars should have a kill switch. gps for police no need to chase.


Lady with no license and a warrant and 2 passengers with warrants, stolen handgun in the car, does 100 on a side street and continues to pull away from police. And somehow people think what happened is the police's fault.

I certainly feel for the woman who died in the accident, but the fault clearly belongs to the person fleeing in the a Camaro.

Al Morrison 

WTF?? Camaro bastards critical in hospital?? Finish them off already and do all of us a favor.


There wasn't time in this chase, but instead of stop sticks etc, these fools should be shot and killed behind the wheel at the first opportunity by rifle fire from stationary officers once it's obvious that a suspect is intentionally trying to flee and elude officers. Enough of this bullshit. Execute them while they are behind the wheel. This would send a strong message.

Sgt oldschool 

This is what happens when you cross ignorance and selfishness with a lack of morals.


If the cops weren't chasing them, they would still be alive. I'm not gonna pull over and risk being shot for no reason.

Mark Maki 

WXYZ reports that the driver of the Camaro was a 35 year old man, not woman.

Radionut R 

Think about this for a second. Was chasing this vehicle worth the outcome? No I don’t think so.

Dan B 

I'll save you the time...

Theresa Marie Gafken

K9 Blue Boi 206 


Michael Lowry 

run from cops

hit another car

summarily shot in the head


Michael Baker 

Title should say one dead after Camaro runs from Cops

Denny Law 

More human trash ruining this country while harming good innocent citizens and cops and our judges do next to nothing to them.

James Fields 

I love my dash cam so much I got another for the rear window to catch the idiots behind me too!

John Sartain 

@13 seconds in could have rammed it and saved a life and family

The Manager 

Death penalty.


Is there a way we can make this seem like the cops' fault?


Theresa Marie Gafken, is her name.

GLC jonsan308 

I knew how this chase was going to go when she put on her turn signal.

Brian Johnson 

Hell yeah, Port Huron!

Donald Trump's Space Force 

Hope everyone in the camaro dies in the hospital


I very much believe that people who run from the cops in a car should be shot and killed. Less people would do it then and cause things like this to happen. No different then firing a gun at random. A car is a weapon too.


1:00 is that a fire truck (the vehicle with its head lights on)

joe smith 

crappy ending why bother even putting it up moron

J M 

Way to kill an innocent person. These high speed police chases are death waiting to happen. That poor 48 y/o woman lost her life and her family has lost her. I hope they sue everyone involved for every penny they are worth, and let those that ran all rot in jail til they are also dead.

Fucking sad.

Justin Turner 

Bad cop! Should have stopped pursuit.


5 years for every mile ran.. + 20 for the vehicular homicide

chris 612 

He should have called it off once it reached those speeds on a street like that


She's in some deep shit now.


Now days murders don't seem to get much time, be out before everyone else has fully recovered, well unless she was white, then she's through!

justin cale 

-"owns a camaro and runs from police. mindless."-

Joe Schlotthauer 

Every mile you run, (and jeopardize the lives of innocent people), a mandatory year in jail when caught. Example; you run five (5) miles, that's five (5) years in jail ON TOP of any other charges.


Get the Hemi bro.


What a fucking waste.

sandy moonstone 

🍎 📷 👌 lock her up


Lock her up, throw away the key.


Hopefully she will at least be charged with aggravated murder, among a laundry list of other charges. Then after *OUR TAX DOLLARS* pay her and her criminal passenger's HUGE hospital bills, we'll waste HUGE amounts of *OUR TAX DOLLARS* keeping these cockroaches comfortably in prison.

Am I the only one fed up with this?

the Bounty Hunter addict James Moses 

Hopefully the person not involved it's ok but the guy who was running away 100percent deserved it why run

ԋαɳʂ ωolʇ 

nice car