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Arjan Kooistra 

How does it work when you are 1+ 4 etc.

What if you bring more people. Cheers

Chuck Mencke 

I entered two sponsored members! YEA! Great promotion.


Simple and effective , this will produce a great result if everyone joins in. Incentives are a pleasing bonus, but sharing our Speaking and Leadership skills with the maximum number of potential members is a must.

In District 71 ( UK & Ireland) we are currently running a great Youth Leadership Programme Initiative. It is my hope that the Young People we coach today will be the great Speakers, Leaders and Club Members of the future.

Andrew P Bennett DTM District 71 Youth Leadership Advisor.

Pete Moyer 

This is the best way to market. Most organizations grow by word of mouth and members bringing a friend. Great job John for leading the way!

Marc-Andre Ravary 

I don't think a "wan + wan" tshirt will motivate anyone to bring in a friend. What's even worst, you aren't even sure to win it. I find this initiative to be a real cheap atempt to increase membership. I would love to get my hands on free marketing pamphelts, boards, adwords in google, examples of initiative that have worked in the past or video's that teaches the clubs great strategies for recruting new members.


If you referred a friend as of December 1, 2012, who is now a Toastmasters member, fill out the 1+1 form so your efforts can be recognized. Check out the link in the video description above for the form.

Mike Woodall 


Why are they not be panning out for you? We have had great success with adding at least 60 new members to Area 62 by years end. Private email me and I will coach you through your issues. Peace to you.

Mike Woodall 

>>John<< Great Video, Great Leadership !! You have our support in D-11, Division F, Area 62. The Area 62 is where Visioneers are made.

Paul Baskaran 

Yes, indeed. A good and innovative concept of spreading the benefits to non-toastmasters bringing them as Toastmasters. Lets spread................ Cheers. P. Baskaran, Chennai Wordsmith Toastmasters Club, Anna Nagar.

Ronnie Gillanders 

Yes I'm a great believer in the personal invitation. I will certainly encourage implementation throughout District 71.

Ronnie Gillanders District 71 PRO

Janine Elvine 

Fantastic idea. Does the friend i brought to our last meeting and who signed up on the night, count?


This is a smart initiative. It will definitely help Toastmasters double in size :-)

Wayne O 

Not at all difficult. I could find someone.