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If you don't already know about, you should!

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Subscribe Here ➤ https://www.youtube.com/user/ThioJoe?sub_confirmation=1 is a new free DNS service run by Cloudflare, who is known for their CDN services. It actually turns out it is now the fastest DNS service, and they are making it privacy oriented, so they do not keep logs beyond 24 hours. They also support Encrypted DNS, which is being added to Android soon.


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dexter deejay nerd 

I went to a KPMG meeting. They are a HUGE legal services provider. Hehe

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If I trick you you will leave me a like

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it hurts soo much seeing that speaker on its side..

Mr Hünerkack e 


saher nasa 

I feel it is an haking app

saher nasa 

Is there is any privacy issue when it’s using?

Danny White 

So is this like a vpn where i can torrent without the risk of getting caught or no?


To get IP of router on any Windows system:

Open CMD and type in ipconfig

Standardgateway is the IP of your router.

Airsoft Cat 

don't forget to rub a banana on your DVDs to double your bitrate

N English 

All your base belong to us.


Does this help with gaming


Is it good for gaming?


Oh yeah yeah

John Cooper 

Hey Thio, honest question. Just per say, though I know hits on youtube go a long way, how would I or anyone else be able to make an install of possibly some of your best tweaks, to be put on any computer by inserting a usb. Some of the best I think are the performance monitor enhancements, please hit me back.


ping speed for me 1ms

John Walsh 

Opera on PC has a very good built in VPN

rei kon 

Can't even install the vpn profile to make the app work, trash app don't even bother cuz no one can even help you troubleshoot

Megrez Wong 


Sergio Joshua 

Excellent @thioJoe it did speed up loading web pages!

Grant Harlor 

At this point I am not even sure it works. I know a month ago is stopped resolving for all out routers. I wouldn't suggest it at this point


got worse for me


Thanks thio I hope this help me with my PS4

rk k 

Would this help with online console multiplayer gaming?

antonia carvalho 

linus tojours !!!!!

Jack of Blades 

by this points i watch your face and stay to see what it isn't the thing, great camara and light setup thio :0

Kai Hoag 

I am so early


I have an email like that at popular mail service ..I receive lots of email from random people registering for random service. About DNS .. Android 9 and Firefox now supports encrypted dns.


This channel has some feck videos that dont work especially the one for speeding up internet blocked by isp...i can never subscribe

Jerry Wright 

Do IPv4 or IPv6 need to be changed when changing DNS address?


Just curious, what websides you're going to, that you don't want the DNS server to keep track of ?

R.S. Coffey 

Maybe I am not clear on this topic, but if I were to change the DNS on my router at home, what, if any, effect would there be when I use my phone for browsing/email at work?

Gordon Banning 

got a link to change the dns on my router??

Jimmy Alfaro 

Thanks @ThioJoe it works on my end!

Lafavini Cali 

What is the internet?

Screamy Screamy 

what a quality i'm killing my self dude

Marvin Hutchison 

Incredibly faster, thanks Thio

Joel Shinoda 

Correct me if I‘m wrong, but when I ping random servers from my isp, I‘m indirectly measuring the speed of response of the dns right? So if the whole procedure (ping) is 3-4ms in average, that must mean that my isp is quite performant no?

Cal Gary 

You're really cute dude.....what kind of undies do u wear?

René Arístides Ortiz Rodriguez 

I've been testing this DNS for a few days now and it is really faster than my ISP's DNS. I have noticed the difference. Great!

Mason Carreto 

Linus tech tips made a video you just stole the idea

Mason Carreto 

Your a dumbass

Sakar Aryal 

My site has Cloudflare's nameservers. And months before I changed my router's DNS to Cloudflare's DNS.

And guess what ?, My site took just a second to load the full page.

It's almost 3 times faster than Default DNS.

Jason Campbell 

when a man that has a history of collecting data for law enforcement offers me something for free. i think ill pass. Mathew prince - project honey pot. look it up. no free lunch in the universe. you dont get something for nothing..

Mike Clark 

Just get dns benchmark and you’ll see which dns is the fastest for you, mine is isp

Perfect 89 

I get 12ms with my regular ISP

Arturo Madrigal 

Can you tell me how to setup DNS service with my VPN.

Badreddine Wreqs 

Does it work in europa/ the netherlands/ Amsterdam

Dan Bugenhagen 

So who cares if they keep your places you visit online, sounds too good to be true, it probably is, unless your up to no good to begin with why worry? By now it's as clogged up as the rest, why advertise, you getting paid? No security certificate? Hum!!


😠😠😠i got 0,03mb less upload speed😠😠😠