(09/19/15) Law & You- Loud Neighbors, What to do?


Greg and Ed answer a question regarding a lease agreement. A man lives in an apartment building and has a loud neighbor. He has talked to his landlord about the problem and they have done nothing about it. Can he move out and cancel the lease?

Topics:  Society

I have a hen in the yard (not a rooster) that crows a little starting at 6AM for about 30 minutes, the neighbors 2 doors away has called the cops (animal control) on me twice, AC came out twice said that I was oK, but the neighbor keeps calling them and AC keeps calling me threatening $500 fines, I fear they think that I am hiding a rooster in the yard from the constant complaints. do I have to choke this chicken or can I just shine the neighbors on?

Ursula Harrell 

What about the noise of a 14yr old son that constantly runs thru the apartment and a dog that runs thru the apartment and she throws trash out the 2 nd floor window which I find find disgusting. My daughter and I can’t read and she can’t do her homework unless we are outside in my car. I have complained for two yrs. still nothing has been done. I had fibromyalgia and RA she adds more pain. I have contacted the owner of this place still nothing has happened. It’s a constitutional right I have a safe and peaceful place to live


That shouldn't be hard. Loud noise should be illegal and it's within violation to the renter who is complaining.

Chacha Da Don 

noise should be illegal in apartments!!! that's it, buy a house if ur a loud piece of shit