Proper Home Lighting for Entertainment and Protection

By on May 29, 2010

There’s not much that impresses us quite the way lighting does. And if you’re entertaining nothing could make your guests feel more welcome that the good lighting in you home creating a warm and inviting feeling. Designing with light has never been an easier task, and it is always enjoyable.

With villa lighting, the potentials are limited only by the imagination. A good lighting plan could help in making your villa more attractive by combining both style and function.

Few type of Indoor lighting are listed below

Ambient Lighting – It provides overall lighting and a comfortable level of brightness, and allows you and your guests to see and move about safely.

Task Lighting – Task lighting helps you perform a precise activity, such as reading or playing gamesDon't Let The Red Ring Of Death Happen To Your Xbox 360 - 4 Tips. Read more ... » as well.

Accent Lighting creates an good mood and adds interest to a roomBeing an Emergency Room Nurse. Read more ... » by highlighting certain areas and objects, such as paintings, walls or antiques, while decorative lighting becomes essential with chandeliers and candles.

There are several tipsCan You Sell Your Home Through Auction ? Use These Tips To Help. Read more ... » for dining rooms

  • Use chandeliers or just one fixture to light the room. Layer with light from variousHome Selling: Creating An Attractive Home. Read more ... » sources to get the most flexibility required for creating special moods in the same room.
  • Using dimmers and layering with light allows you to use the brilliant light you require while setting your tableBlack Shirred Table Skirting. Read more ... » and then dimming the light down when your guests arrive for the right mood.
  • For a stylish setting, blend candlelight and lower levels of electric light sources throughout the room. Dim every group of lights separately to create a variety of moods.

Tips for Living Room lighting

Tips for Kitchens

  • Use White fluorescent bulbs to improve cool colors like gray and blue, use White bulbs to enhance warm colors like yellow, red, and beige or to balance wood cabinets.
  • Try fluorescent under cabinet fixtures at the border of your cabinets to illuminate your workspace and decrease shadows in food preparation areas.
  • Consider dense fluorescent down-lights for universal lighting to help reduce heat and electric bills.

Tips for Bedrooms

  • Break the room into several zones by lighting and switch them separately, and then regulate accordingly for the mood you want to set.
  • Provide light for reading by selecting swing-arm or flexible bedside lamps.
  • Use night-lights to give guests the facility to see in the dark if they require getting up during the night.

Tips for Rest rooms

  • Place strip lights to either side of the mirror other than above to improve visibility and reduce shadows for shaving and applying make-up.
  • Select a couple of decorative wall scones to flank the mirror in a powder room.
  • To make the room more inviting, try to dim all incandescent and halogen sources and have a candle burning.

When entertaining family and friends at home, lighting for safety and security is really a priority. Keep these tips in mind as you find out how best to light and protect your home.

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